FAQ - After deadline for application

Here you will find answers for the most common questions about what happens now, after the deadline, and until you receive the final result on March 30 2023.

If you do not find your answer in the list, please contact prospectivestudent@dsv.su.se 

If the admission is closed, you are not able to apply. Occasionally some programmes are open for late application. In that case it is indicated at universityadmissions.se.

February 1st.

Deadline for all supporting documentation, including English test results, is February 1st.

It depends on the programme you are applying for. The admission board will not consider CV or recommendation letters, but for two programmes it is mandatory to submit a motivation letter. 

The two programmes are:

The Master's programme in Information Security 120 credits

The Master's programme in IT Project Management 60 credits

Find the details under "How to apply" on each programme's page.

Upload the motivation letter together with your supporting documents at universityadmissions.se. Note that, the deadline for supporting documents is February 1st.

The Department is unfortunately not able to assist in the application process at University Admission’s website.

Here you will find information about required documents

Please contact the staff at universityadmissions.se if you have questions regarding the admission process.

No, it is only possible to apply for programmes at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences in the first admission round (mid-October to mid-January). 

All applicants will receive the final result on the same day, March 30 2023.
Find key dates for this admission round here 

Qualified means that you meet the entry requirements for the programme. This does not mean that you have been offered a place. This will be determined during the selection round. After selection, admissions results will be published at universityadmissions.se. The official final selection result is published on March 30.

PG means "place guarantee" for applicants that fulfil the requirements. In this stage of the process, PG does unfortunately not mean that you are accepted to the programme already. The admission process is still ongoing. You will receive the final result on March 30. 



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