"I always recommend Stockholm University to my friends"

Adeel Ahmad from Pakistan studied a master’s degree in Information Security (Computer and Systems Sciences) at Stockholm University.

Here he tells us a bit about what his study time was like and how he ended up in Stockholm.

Why did you choose Stockholm as your study destination?

"I did my bachelor within Business Administration. I was then looking for IT courses since the future is within that field. I was really motivated to study within the IT sector, but it was difficult for me to enter a master's programme since I didn’t have a background in it. Then I saw this master's programme in Information Security and that they accepted candidates without that background. I had previously studied in Uppsala and then I moved to Stockholm to continue my studies."

Adeel Ahmad
Master's student Adeel Ahmad. Photo: Anna NivaPhoto: Anna Niva

What did you like most about studying in Stockholm?

"We had very good facilities in the labs at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. We also had good professors and great communication with them. I was getting along very well with my student colleagues, I made friends for life. I also liked the city, Stockholm is the capital and there are a lot of activities you can do, outdoor activities or anything else you like. I like the weather as well – even the cold weather." 

What possibilities did your studies in Stockholm open up for you?

"This is my first year working within IT. I work as an IT Consultant in a company called Deloitte. It’s a start to my career and I’m looking forward to exploring and learning more. Maybe, after a few years of experience, I might go for the PhD. I think Stockholm University is one of the best universities and I always recommend it to my friends."

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