Previous events at the department

Seminar guests from all around the world visit the department every term.

Photo: Adam Jacobsson

Here you will find lists of previous seminars and other events at the department. Researchers from other universities around the world visit the department and give a talk. Our own faculty and PhD-students hold presentations on our Brown bag seminars and PhD-students through the ENTER program also give talks.

Mon Jan 10 Job Talk: Pauline Corblet (Sciences Po): "Education Expansion, Sorting, and the Decreasing Wage Premium".
Tue Jan 11 Job Talk: Riccardo Cioffi (Princeton): "Heterogeneous Risk Exposure and the Dynamics of Wealth Inequality".
Wed Jan 12 Job Talk: Amanda Dahlstrand (LSE): "Defying Distance: The Provision of Services in the Digital Age".
Tue Jan 18 Job Talk: Veda Narasimhan (Zurich): "Decentralization, Rural Development, and Growth: Evidence from India".
Wed Jan 19 Job Talk: Barthelemy Bonadio (Lausanne): "Ports vs. Roads: Infrastructure, Market Access and Regional Outcomes".
Thu Jan 20 Job Talk: Paula Calvo (Yale): "The effects of institutional gaps between cohabitation and marriage".
Fri Jan 21 Job Talk: Ciaran Rogers (Stanford): "Quantitative Easing and Local Banking Systems in the Euro Area".
Mon Jan 24 Job Talk: Marco Stenborg Pettersson (Brown): "Estimation of a Latent Reference Point: Method and Application to NYC Taxi Drivers".
Tue Jan 25 Job Talk: Valeria Zurla (Brown): "How Should We Design Parental Leave Policies? Evidence from Two Reforms in Italy".
Thu Jan 27 Job Talk: Anna Becker (UCL): "Shamed to Death: Social Image Concerns and War Participation".
Fri Jan 28 Job Talk: Iain Bamford (Columbia): "Monopsony Power, Spatial Equilibrium, and Minimum Wages".
Mon Jan 31 Job Talk: Ruben Dominguez Diaz (Brown): "Precautionary Savings and Financial Frictions".
Wed Feb 2 Job Talk: Karmini Sharma (Warwick): "Tackling Sexual Harassment: Experimental Evidence from India".
Thu Feb 3 Job Talk: Joonas Tuhkuri (MIT): "New Evidence on the Effect of Technology on Employment and Skill Demand".
Tue Feb 22 Brown bag: Filip Mellgren (SU): "Robust Algorithmic Collusion".
Tue Mar 8 Brown bag: Jay Lee (SU): "Group Composition and Group Decision-Making: Evidence from Municipal Council Meetings in South Korea".
Thu Mar 10 Arianna Ornaghi (Hertie): "Who Watches the Watchmen? Local News and Police Behavior in the United States".
Tue Mar 15 Brown bag: Ash Craig (Michigan): "Spillovers in Crime: Using Network Data to Measure Social Returns and Improve Targeting of Crime Reduction Interventions."
Tue Mar 22 Nina Rousille (LSE/MIT): "Worker Beliefs about Outside options".
Thu Mar 24 Brown bag: Celine Zipfel (SSE): "Defusing a Population Explosion? Jobs and Fertility in sub-Saharan Africa".
Tue Mar 29 Brown bag: Gabriella Massenz (ENTER): "Bunching of closely held corporations: Targeted tax incentives, persistence and firms’ heterogeneity".
Thu Mar 31 Matthias Kehrig (Duke): “Good Dispersion, Bad Dispersion”.
Tue Apr 5 Brown bag: Jens Wikström (SU): "Liquidity Frictions in Non-linear Health Insurance".
Tue Apr 19 Brown bag: Anna Vitali (ENTER): "Consumer Search and Firm Location: Evidence from the Garment Sector in Uganda".
Thu Apr 21 Isabel Martinez (ETH Zurich): "Tracking and Taxing the Super-Rich: Insights from Swiss Rich Lists".
Tue Apr 26 Brown bag: Martina Zanella (LSE): "Stereotypical Selection".
Thu Apr 28 Ro'ee Levy (MIT, Tel Aviv): "The Effects of Social Movements: Evidence from #MeToo".
Thu May 5 Brown bag: Tiago Bernardino (SU): "Aging, Public finances and Generational Inequalities in Portugal: Can Immigration save the day?"
Tue May 10 Peter Hull (Brown): "Non-Random Exposure to Exogenous Shocks".
Thu May 12 Julia Cagé (Sciences Po): "Is Charitable Giving Political? Evidence from Wealth and Income Tax Returns".
Tue May 17 Brown bag: Petteri Juvonen (SU/Helsinki): "Understanding the Gains from Wage Flexibility: The Exchange Rate Connection Revisited".
Tue Sept 14 Brown Bag: Jay Lee & Horng Chern Wong SU):"International Trade and Structural Change across Cities/Gender Ratio and Group Dynamics."
Thu Sept 16 Natalia Rigol, Harvard Business School: “Strategic Disclosure of Loan Officers and Graduation From Microfinance: Evidence from Chile”.
Tue Sept 21 Brown Bag: Anna Linderoth (SU): "Gender Segregation Across Workplaces: Tipping and The Importance of Social Skill".
Mon Sept 27 PhD Defense: Nanna Fukushima (SU): "Essays on the Economics of the 1956 Clean Air Act".
Tue Sept 28 Brown Bag: Moritz Goldbeck (Munich): "Digital Infrastructure and Local Economic Growth: Early Internet in Sub-Saharan Africa".
Tue Sept 28 Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia): "Pushed to Cross the Line: Multiperiod Pollution Standards and the Cost of Environmental Regulation".
Tue Oct 5 Brown Bag: Ulrika Ahrsjö (SU): "Youth crime, community service and labor market outcomes".
Tue Oct 12 Brown Bag: Pedro Guimaraes Naso (Geneva): "Delegation of Environmental Regulation and Perceived Corruption in South Africa".
Thu Oct 14 Magne Mogstad (Chicago): "How Americans Respond to Idiosyncratic and Exogenous Changes in Household Wealth and Unearned Income"
Fri Oct 15 PhD Defense: Roza Khoban (SU): "Globalization and Development: The Impact of International Trade on Political and Social Institutions".
Tue Oct 19 Brown Bag: José-Elias Gallegos (SU): "Inflation Persistence, Noisy Information and the Phillips Curve".
Thu Oct 21 Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth): "FDI Inflows and Domestic Firms: Adjustment to New Exporting Opportunities".
Tue Oct 26 Brown Bag: Marie-Pascale Grimon (SU): "Effects of the Child Protection System on Parents".
Thu Oct 28 Jan De Loecker (KU, Leuven): "The Welfare Impact of Market Power: The OPEC Cartel".
Tue Nov 2 Brown Bag: Alvaro Delgado Vega (UC3M & ENTER): "Which Side are You On? Political Relational Contracts".
Tue Nov 9 Brown Bag: Xueping Sun (SU): "The Innovation Cost of Short Political Horizons: Evidence from Local Leaders’ Promotion in China".
Thu Nov 11 Sebastian Siegloch (Mannheim): "Direct, Spillover, and Welfare Effects of Regional Firm Subsidies".
Tue Nov 16 Brown Bag: Lidia Cruces de Souca (UC3 & ENTER): "Gender gaps in the labour market and pension sustainability".
Thu Nov 18 Giancarlo Spagnolo (SSE): “Theory and Evidence on Asymmetric Sanctions and Corruption: A Chinese Tale of Tigers and Flies”.
Tue Nov 23 Brown bag: John Kramer (SU): "The Cyclicality of Earnings Growth along the Distribution - Causes and Consequences".
Thu Nov 25 Balazs Murakozy (Liverpool): "Technological Change and Skill Demand in Non-Competitive Labor Markets".
Tue Nov 30 Brown Bag: Rene Karadakic (NHH): "Health Effects of Information Diffusion".
Thu Dec 2 Basile Grassi (Bocconi): "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Markup Estimation".
Tue Dec 7 Brown Bag: Johannes Haushofer (SU): "Cash Transfers for Migration".
Thu Dec 9 Johannes Boehm (Sciences Po): "Growth and the Fragmentation of Production".
Mon Jan 11 Job Talk: Augustin Bergeron (Harvard): "The State Capacity Ceiling on Tax Rates: Evidence from Randomized Tax Abatements in the DRC".
Tue Jan 12 Job Talk: Martin Mattsson (Yale): "Service Delivery, Corruption, and Information Flows in Bureaucracies: Evidence from the Bangladesh Civil Service".
Thu Jan 14 Job Talk: Elisa Macchi (Zurich): "Worth your weight: experimental evidence on the benefits of obesity in low-income countries".
Tue Jan 19 Job Talk: Michele Fornino (MIT): "Automation and the Future of Work: Assessing the Role of Labor Flexibility".
Thu Jan 21 Job Talk: Sebastian Ellingsen (UPF): "Free and Protected: Trade and Breaks in Long-Term Persistence".
Fri Jan 22 Job Talk: Francesca Salvati (UCL): "Health Inequality, Labor Supply and Retirement Policies".
Mon Jan 25 Job Talk: Emma Riley (Oxford): "Resisting Social Pressure in the Household Using Mobile Money: Experimental Evidence on Microenterprise Investment in Uganda".
Thu Jan 28 Job Talk: Martina Fazio (LSE): "Financial Stabilisation Policies in a Credit Crunch: Zombie Firms and the Effective Lower Bound".
Mon Feb 1 Job Talk: Silvia Vannutelli (Boston): "From Lapdogs to Watchdogs: Random Auditor Assignment and Municipal Fiscal Performance in Italy".
Wed Feb 3 Job Talk: Michele Giannola (UCL): "Parental Investments and Intra-household Inequality in Child Development: Theory, Measurement and Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment".
Fri Feb 5 Job Talk: Josef Sigurdsson (NHH): "Labor Supply Responses and Adjustment Frictions: A Tax-Free Year in Iceland”.
Tue Feb 16 Brown Bag: Sébastien Lamproye (ECARES, ULB): "Did Technology trigger the American Dream? Innovation and Intergenerational Income Rank Mobility".
Thu Feb 18 Alexandra Roulet (INSEAD): "Revisiting the Contribution of Firm Pay Policies to the Gender Wage Gap".
Thu Feb 25 Florian Scheuer (Zürich): “Taxing High-Powered Entrepreneurship” 
Tue Mar 16 Brown Bag: Ossian Prane (SU): "Imports and the Carbon Emission Intensity of Firms".
Thu Mar 18 Emily Breza (Harvard): “Does Affirmative Action Rewire the Social Network? Evidence from India” 
Thu Mar 25 Wojciech Kopczuk (Columbia): "Accounting for Business Income in Measuring Top Income Shares:
Integrated Accrual Approach Using Individual and Firm Data from Norway".
Thu Apr 8 Guilherme Lichand (Zurich): "Harming to Signal: Child Marriage vs. Public Donations in Malawi".
Tue Apr 13 Brown Bag: Anders Åkerman (SU): "Chasing an Elusive Target: Measuring Productivity Effects under Factor-Biased Technological Change”.
Tue Apr 20 Brown Bag: David Jackson (SU): "Reputation in networks".
Thu Apr 29 Gianmarco Leon (UPF): "Financial Incentives in Multi-layered Organizations: An Experiment in the Public Sector".
Tue May 4 Brown Bag: Ines Helm (SU): "Firm Expansion in Imperfect Labor Markets".
Tue May 11 Brown Bag: Miika Päällysaho (SU): "Labor Market Returns and the Evolution of Cognitive Skills: Theory and Evidence".
Tue May 18 Brown Bag: Monir Bounadi (SU): "Religion and Mobilization: Evidence From Europe's Involvement With the Hajj".
Thu May 20 Kalina Manova (UCL): "Firm Heterogeneity and Imperfect Competition in Global Production Networks”.
Tue May 25 Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale): "Normalizing Community Mask-Wearing: A Cluster Randomized Trial in Bangladesh".
Wed May 26 Final seminar: Nanna Fukushima (SU)
Thu Jun 3 David Weil (Brown): ”Quality-adjusted Population Density”.
Mon Jun 14 Final Seminar: Roza Khoban (SU)
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