Academic Writing for International Publication in English (EN1AWPE)

PhD course (7.5 credits) for doctoral students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm University.

Course description

This course has been designed to suit the needs of PhD students conducting research in the social sciences. The overarching aim is to improve the participants’ academic writing skills in English in order to facilitate publication output in international peer-reviewed journals. The course is tailor-made and takes into consideration the different professional needs of researchers, their heterogeneous linguistic and academic backgrounds, and variation in English proficiency levels. While the primary focus is on the writing and publication of the peer-reviewed research article, the course content is applicable also to monographs.

The course draws on the analysis of research articles published in the specified target journals and guides the participants in the writing process of their own article for publication. The final evaluation is based on the assessment of the article draft, completion of all preparation tasks, and participation in the seminars.

Course literature

Swales, J. & Feak, M. (2004), Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential Tasks and Skills (Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press). 3rd Edition. Please note that it is important to get the 3rd edition


Dr Beyza Björkman Nylén

Course fee

The course fee is 10,000 SEK / student and should be paid by the home department.


Spring term 2023

Please note that the course will only be offered if there are sufficient number of participants.

The course will not be offered in spring term 2023.


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