When you have completed your studies at Stockholm University you can apply for your certificate from the Degree Office. The certificate is issued upon request.

Stockholm University has gathered information about degrees and qualifications, including how to apply for your certificate and FAQs.


Degree requirements

To receive the degree certificate you must have fulfilled all of the requirements.

General information about degree requirements is available through the Degree Office. On our webpages we have provided information on the requirements for a degree in English - see below and under 'courses and programmes'.


Applying for your certificate

You need to apply for your certificate at the Student Services (the Degree Office).

How to apply


A degree in the subject English

At Stockholm University students can get a Bachelor of Arts degree in English by combining individual, freestanding courses - that is courses with studies for one term only - and in that way 'build their own degree'. You can find more information on that and on which courses need to be included for a degree with English as a major under 'courses and programmes'.

There is no Bachelor's programme in English studies for international students, as programmes that include our courses also require Swedish. International students should also note that on undergradute level our individual, freestanding courses are only open for application in the second admission round. The second round can be an option for students from EU/EEA countries, who do not need a residence permit, but not if you do require a residence permit for studies in Sweden. See more information for international students under 'courses and programmes'.

Our courses and programmes

For a Master of Arts degree in English you can apply for one of our two-year Master's programmes. We offer programmes specialising in English-language Literature and in English Linguistics / Applied English Linguistics. You can find more information and links to each of the programmes here:

Our courses and programmes


Need help to plan your studies?

Do you have questions about our courses? Are you interested in building your own degree with a view to get a Bachelor's degree in English, or in studying English as a supplementary subject? Or are you keen to continue your studies at the advanced level? Then contact our study counsellor!

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