Environmental Information

Environmental action plan, reports and travel statistics for IGV

IGV environmental action plan/ Miljöhandlingsplan för 2020 (55 Kb) (in Swedish)
IGV Environmental survey report 2019 (423 Kb)
IGV Environmental survey report 2018 (341 Kb)

Travel statistics

Train travel km per employee for IGV 2012–2018 (379 Kb)
Air travel km per employee for IGV 2012–2018 (376 Kb)
Air travel km in total for IGV 2012–2018

Travel and meetings

Travel and meeting policy for Stockholm University
Digitala möten och videokonferenser vid universitetet (page only available in Swedish)

Purchase and procurement

  • Purchase and procurement are among the university activities with the largest environmental imprint. Therefore it is important to make environmentally good choices when purchasing. The document Regler för inköp och upphandling (Rules for purchase and procurement, only in Swedish) states that the University's Environmental Policy applies to all purchases and procurement. Information in English about procurement.
  • Upphandlingshandboken (The Procurement handbook, only in Swedish) has information on environmental and social requirements (Miljökrav och sociala krav) to prioritize in procurement.

Laboratory work

Energy saving

To save energy, please remember to always:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave your office for lunch and meetings.
  • Turn off screens and machines and unplug chargers not in use.
  • In the laboratory, keep the fume hoods closed when not in use.
  • Consider the energy efficiency when buying new electrical equipment.

Read more about saving energy at Sustainable Campus.

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