Lic and doctoral theses



Doctoral thesis in Geology | Ellen Tollefsen
Experimental, petrological and geochemical investigations of ikaite (CaCO3·6H2O) formation in marine environments

Licentiate thesis in Marine Geology | Frida Hybertsen
Biogeography of methane-seep faunas through geologic time (8657 Kb)

Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Joachim Jansen
Carbon trace gas dynamics in subarctic lakes


Licentiate thesis in Geology | Alexandre Peillod
How were high-pressure rocks exhumed in Naxos, Greece?

Licentiate thesis in Geochemistry/Geology | Ross Kielman
U-Pb dating of detrital zircon from the Mt. Alfred area, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

Licentiate thesis in Marine Geology | Natalia Barrientos Macho
Arctic bottom water temperatures
A benthic foraminiferal MG/Ca-temperature field calibration and application

Doctoral thesis in Geology | Clifford G. C. Patten
Mobility of gold and other metals duringalteration of the oceanic crust Implications for the formation of VMS deposits

Licentiate thesis in Geology | Hagen Bender
Testing Tectonic Concepts in the Seve Nappe Complex, Jämtland, Sweden

Licentiate thesis in Geology | Reuben Hansman
Constraining the Uplift History of the Al Hajar Mountains, Oman

Licentiate thesis in Geochemistry | Liselott Kutscher
Export and sources of organic carbon in the Lena River basin, Northeastern Siberia

Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Kweku Kyei Afrifa Yamoah
A combined carbon and hydrogen isotope approach to reconstruct the SE Asian paleomonsoon – Impacts on the Angkor Civilization and links to paleolimnology

Doctoral thesis in Marine Geology | Francesco Muschitiello
Deglacial impact of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet on the North Atlantic climate system

Licentiate thesis in Marine Geology | Pedro Preto
Surface heat flow measurements in Lake Vättern and along the continental slope of the East Siberian Sea

Doctoral thesis Thesis in Geochemistry | Martin Wik
Emission of methane from northern lakes and ponds

Doctoral thesis in Marine Geology | Francis Freire
High Arctic submarine glaciogenic landscapes: their formation and significance

Licentiate thesis in Marine Geology | Catherine Hirst
Characterisation of iron-bearing particles in the Lena River NE Russia


Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Rina Argelia Andersson
Lipid biomarkers and other geochemical indicators in paleoenvironmental studies of two Arctic systems: a Russian permafrost peatland and marine sediments from the Lomonosov Ridge

Licentiate thesis in Biogeochemistry, Marine and Brackish water ecology, Marine ecology, Geochemistry | Stefano Bonaglia
Benthic metabolism and sediment nitrogen cycling in Baltic sea coastal areas : the role of eutrophication, hypoxia and bioturbation

Doctoral thesis in Marine Geology | Johan Dalsätt
Fossil birds: Contributions to the understanding of avian evolution

Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Nguyen Thanh Duc
Abiotic and biotic methane dynamics in relation to the origin of life

Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Emma U. Hammarlund
Ocean chemistry and the evolution of multicellularity

Licentiate thesis in Biogeochemistry, Marine geoscience, Applied environmental science | Emma Karlsson
Organic geochemical investigation of sources, transport and fate of terrestrial organic matter in the southeast Laptev Sea

Licentiate thesis in Geology | Barbara I. Kleine
How do fluids move through rocks? High fluxes of CO2 in the Earth's crust

Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Xiaole Sun
Isotope-based reconstruction of the biogeochemical Si cycle: Implications for climate change and human perturbation


2010 Doctoral thesis in Geology | Verity Borthwick
Fundamentals of substructure dynamics: In-situ experiments and numerical simulation

2010 Doctoral thesis in Geology | Carl Henrik Pettersson
The tectonic evolution of northwest Svalbard

2010 Doctoral thesis in Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry | Rickard Sundvall
Water as a trace component in mantle pyroxene: Quantifying diffusion, storage capacity and variation with geological environment

2010 Doctoral thesis in Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry | Henrik Svahnberg
Deformation behaviour and chemical signatures of anorthosites: Examples from southern West Greenland and south-central Sweden

2009 Doctoral thesis in Geology | Teodora Blaj
Late Eocene through Oligocene calcareous nannofossils from the paleo-equatorial Pacific Ocean – taxonomy, preservation history, biochronology and evolution

2009 Doctoral thesis in Marine geoscience | Florence Colleoni
On the Late Saalian glaciation: A climate modeling study

2009 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Cécile Konn
Origin of organic compounds in fluids from ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal vents of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

2009 Doctoral thesis in Marine geoscience | Emma Sellén
Quaternary paleoceanography of the Arctic Ocean: A study of sediment stratigraphy and physical properties

2008 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Louise Björkvald
Landscape hydrogeochemistry of Fe, Mn, S and trace elements (As, Co, Pb) in a boreal stream network

2008 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Kristina Bäckstrand
Carbon gas biogeochemistry of a northern peatland – in a dynamic permafrost landscape

2008 Doctoral thesis in Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry | Magnus Ivarsson
Fossilized microorganisms in volcanic rocks from sub-seafloor environments

2008 Licentiate thesis in Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry | Rickard Sundvall
Hydrogen diffusion and storage mechanisms in diopside

2007 Doctoral thesis in Geology | Lillemor Claesson
Fluid-rock interaction in two seismically active areas: The Tjörnes Fracture Zone, northern Iceland and the Shillong Plateau, northeastern India

2007 Doctoral Thesis in Geochemistry | Supriyo Das
Biogeochemical evidences of human intervention in a shallow lake, Zeekoevlei, South Africa

2001 Doctoral thesis in Biogeochemistry | Juris Aigars
The role of sediments in the biogeochemical cycles of nutrients in the Gulf of Riga

2001 Doctoral Thesis in General and historical geology | Yohanna W. Shaghude
Shallow water carbonate basin of the Zanzibar channel, Tanzania

2000 Doctoral thesis in Biogeochemistry | Hakam Al-Hanbali
The geochemistry of two selected areas of the deep sea, the TAG hydrothermal mound, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Lomonosov Ridge, central Arctic Ocean

2000 Doctoral thesis in Geochemistry | Elisabet Alm
Sveconorwegian metallogenesis in Sweden

2000 Doctoral thesis in Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry | Karin Högdahl
Late-orogenic, ductile shear zones and protolith ages in the Svecofennian domain, central Sweden

2000 Doctoral thesis in General and historical geology | Martin Jakobsson
Mapping the Arctic Ocean: bathymetry and pleistocene paleoceanography