Here you will find contact information for overall functions at the department.


General contact information

You can easily reach the Department of History via e-mail.

Matters concerning ongoing or completed studies:

Matters concerning exchange studies or questions about courses or programs:

Media inquiries:

Administrative matters:



Phone: 08-16 20 00 (exchange)

Postal address

University of Stockholm
Department of History
Södra huset, House D
SE - 106 91 Stockholm

Invoice address

University of Stockholm
Postbox 50741
202 70 Malmö

For reference, please write 104 followed by the customer's name in the reference field on the invoice.

Employees at the department

Individual employees are reached via e-mail. Personal e-mail addresses have the following standard:

Head of Department
Deputy Head of Department
Chief Administrative officer
Departmental research coordinator

Media inquiries

To contact one of our researchers, contact the departmental research coordinator or e-mail

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