IAM3 Summer institute 7 – 20 June 2022

In June 2022, the Department of Linguistics will host the summer institute Inclusive Assessment of Multi-Modal Multilinguals(IAM3). The institute will provide advanced training in the assessment of multiple languages in multiple modalities within a theoretical framework of translanguaging.

Are you interested in participating in a two-weeks summer institute hosted by Stockholm University and taught by faculty from the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden? Apply for the summer institute Inclusive Assessment of Multi-Modal Multilinguals (IAM3)! 

The institute is arranged under the leadership of RIT/NTID faculty Joseph Hill and Matthew Dye with funding from from the United States agency National Science Foundation (NSF).

Summer evening in Stockholm, female students at Mariaberget. Photo by Niklas Björling
Photo by Niklas Björling

Focus on language assessment and language processing

In the summer of 2022, the institute held at Stockholm University will provide advanced training in the assessment of multiple languages in multiple modalities (signed, spoken, written) within a theoretical framework of translanguaging. A particular emphasis will be placed on the situation for deaf and hard of hearing children. Two major themes will be language assessment and language processing. Students will learn how to assess language proficiency and processing across modalities using behavioral, EEG and eye-tracking methods. They will also receive a grounding in translanguaging theory and address the theoretical and practical issues when assessing deaf and hard-of-hearing children who use multiple languages. Advanced statistical training will also be incorporated in the program. 

Language of instruction

The languages at the institute will be American Sign Language and English. The majority of instruction will be American Sign Language. Interpreters from the Overseas Interpreting will be provided for those who prefer to speak English. The interpreters are also capable in communicating using International Signs.



The application for IAM3 Summer institute 2022 is open until 15 January 2022. You will find a link to the application site below. 

The institute is funded in order to support US graduate students. However, since the institute is located at Stockholm University, we are able to offer a limited number of seats for European students. This opportunity is for you who are 21 years or above and registered in a PhD program at any European University.

Given the multimodal multilingual atmosphere of the institute, we especially encourage deaf or hard-of-hearing students to apply.

Please note! We only offer the European students the possibility to participating in the teaching activities together with the US students. All the living expenses needs to be covered by the European students themselves, as well as the practical arrangements in order to be able to participate the two weeks.

Please send your application no later than 15 January 2022. 

Apply here



For more information about the institute including syllabus as well as other relevant information, please visit www.iam3.info. Note that information and the application in this website is aimed to US students – do not send your application there.


If you have further questions, please contact Krister Schönström at the Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University: schonstrom@ling.su.se

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