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There are different ways of studying abroad as a Stockholm University student. Find out about exchange studies, traineeships and other possibilities to go international.

Två kvinnliga studenter promenerar genom europeisk stad. Foto: VH-studio/Mostphotos
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Studying abroad provides both memories for life and merits for a future professional life. In addition, you improve your language skills and get to know another country.

As a student of the Department of Linguistics, you can go as an exchange student to one of our own partner universities or apply for an exchange through Stockholm University's central agreement. You can also apply for a scholarship for a small field study, as a part of your thesis or degree project.


Exchange studies

As a student of the Department of Linguistics, you can go on exchange to one of our partner universities in Europe. Via the Erasmus+ Programme, you apply for a scholarship for a study period abroad. We also have several bilateral agreements with universities outside the EU. 

Local departmental agreements

Are you interested in going on an exchange to one of our partner universities? Here you will find information on how to apply.

Exchange studies – How to apply

Our partner universities

Central agreements

You can also apply to apply for exchange studies through Stockholm University's central/university-wide agreements. Application deadline for these agreements is typically two semesters before the proposed exchange. 

More information on exchange studies 


Do you wish to collect data for your degree project/essay abroad? Stockholm University students have the opportunity to apply for the Minor Field Studies (MFS) programme funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Minor Field Studies


Are you interested in doing a traineeship abroad? As a student at Stockholm University you can apply to internships in order to do a traineeship, write an essay or collect data in a country that is included in the Erasmus programme.

Erasmus+ traineeship abroad



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