The Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK) has about 150 employees that include about 50 PhD students and 30 postdoctoral fellows/researchers. We are a group of internationally leading scientists that focus on teaching chemistry, developing materials for a sustainable society and developing methods for advanced chemical and structural characterisation of materials.

Head of the Department 

Niklas Hedin, professor in Materials Chemistry

Deputy Head of the Department

Ulrika Nilsson. professor in Analytical Chemistry

Head of Administration 

Camilla Berg


Physical Chemistry

Prof. Alexander Lyubartsev

Materials Chemistry

Prof. Jiayin Yuan

Inorganic and Structural Chemistry

Prof. Xiaodong Zou

Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Nicole Pamme

Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office

Helena Bergman


Physical Chemistry

Prof. Alexander Lyubartsev

Materials Chemistry

Prof. Jiayin Yuan

Inorganic and Structural Chemistry

Prof. Xiaodong Zou

Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Nicole Pamme



Research subject


Research subject

Niklas Hedin Material (prefect) Lennart Bergström Material
Ulrika Nilsson Analytical (deputy prefect) Anneli Kruve Analytical
Aji Mathew Material Jiayin Yuan Material
Mika Sipponen Material Ioannis Sadiktsis Analytical
Nicole Pamme Analytical Mattias Edén Physical
Mats Johnsson Inorganic Xiaodong Zou Inorganic
Gunnar Svensson Material Tom Willhammar Inorganic


Tatiana Bulavina Technical/Admin. Jing Li Technical/Admin

Daniel Emanuelsson-Paulsson

Technical/Admin. Camilla Berg Technical/Admin

PhD students/students

Matilda Andersson PhD    
Carina Schiele PhD    
Vacant Student    

Camilla Berg (head of unit)
Tatiana Bulavina
Daniel Emanuelsson-Paulson
Ann-Sofi Pettersson
Svetlana Tornéus
Yulia Trushkina
Helmi Frejman
Åsa Maria Andersson


Working groups at MMK

At MMK there are several working groups, please expand sections below to see who belongs where. The first person listed in each group is also the chair of said group.

Niklas Hedin
Camilla Berg
Ulrika Nilsson

Niklas Hedin
Ulrika Nilsson
Jiayin Yuan
Xiaodong Zou
Aji Mathew
Nicole Pamme
Alexander Lyubartsev

All teachers

Ulrika Nilsson
Xiaodong Zou
Alexander Lyubartsev
Jiayin Yuan
Nicole Pamme
Matilda Andersson

Jiayin Yuan, materials
Mattias Edén, physical
Ulrika Nilsson, analytical
Alexsander Lyubartsev, physical
Ulrich Häusermann, inorganic
Maja-Stina Svanberg-Frisinger, PhD representative
Matilda Andersson, PhD representative
Ehsan Hadi, deputy PhD representative

Niklas Hedin
Lennart Bergström
Mattias Edén
Anneli Kruve
Gunnar Svensson
Matilda Andersson, PhD representative
(Camilla Berg)

Leopold Luna Ilag
Mika Sipponen
Charlotte Boegård
Unnimaya Thalakkale Veettil
Baltzar Stevensson

Ulrike Schimpf (chair, laboratory safety coordinator)
Gunnar Svensson (fire safety responsible, equal treatment)
Mattias Edén (work environment Physical chemistry)
Mika Sipponen (researcher, safety officer)
Mirva Eriksson (deputy work environment)
Kjell Jansson (evacuation officer)
Tatiana Bulavina (administration, economy)
Kadir Abdul Karim (fire protection, deputy work environment, evacuation officer)
Zoltán Bacsik (deputy fire protection)
Andrew Ken Inge (safety officer, MACAL)
Jakob Paulin (technical workshop, evacuation officer)
Christer Degerstedt (care taker, evacuation officer)
Baltzar Stevensson (safety officer, environmental delegate)
Ulrika Nilsson (work environment analytical chemistry, equal treatment)
Claudia Möckel (flammable goods director, evacuation officer)
Jakob Norinder (safety officer, flammable goods director KÖL, evacuation officer KÖL)
Helena Bergman (work environment KÖL)
Lina Larsson (equal treatment KÖL)
Maja-Stina Svanberg-Frisinger (PhD delegate)
Unnimaya Thalakkale Veettil (PhD delegate)

Work Environment Officers



Lab Hosts

n/a Administration office NA NA

Ulrike Schimpf

MMK Floor 5 Inorganic & Structural Chemistry Kadir Abdul Karim C521,a,b,c ,d,e – Guojun Zhou
C533 – Andrew Ken Inge
C557 - Andrew Ken Inge 
C561 - Zoltán Bacsik
C569 – Irina Terekhina


MMK Floor 4 Materials Chemistry

NA C339 – Anthony Szego Nagle
C343 – Vahid Saadattalab
C419,ac, C435b - Zoltán Bacsik
C425,abc – Ehsan Hadi
C435 – Andi Di
C441 – Miao Zhang
C445 – Aleksander Jaworski
C455, C435a – Adam Slabon
C459 – Ievgen Pylypchuk
Mattias Edén MMK Floor 3/5 
Physical Chemistry
C366, C370, C373 - Mattias Edén/ 
Aleksander Jaworski
C360, C362, C363, C365 – Emilia Eklund
C371- Alexander Lyubartsev
C565 - Baltzar Stevensson
Kjell Jansson MMK Floor 2 
NA C255,a, C253, C441a– Volodymyr 
C247c , C248, C256, C257 - Kjell Jansson
C254, C264, C264ab - Cheuk-Wai Tai
Ulrich Häussermann MMK North part of Floor 2 NA C243, C244 - Mirva Eriksson
C247 – Kjell Jansson/Mirva Eriksson
C247a,b, - Mirva Eriksson/Jiayin Yuan
C261,a - Mirva Eriksson/ Adam 
Slabon/Niklas Hedin
C261b, C265, C267, C269 - Kadir Abdul 
Karim/Alisa Gordeeva
C268,a – Jing Li
C270 – Dimitrios Georgouvelas
Ulrich Häussermann MMK South part of floor 2 + SPS-facility Mirva Eriksson C227, C227a –Kadir Abdul Karim
C233 –Zoltán Bacsik
C237- Zoltán Bacsik, Brando Adranno
Ulrika Nilsson MMK-A3, B2   A312 – Anneli Kruve-Viil/Leopold Ilag
A316, A320 – Nicole Pamme 
A316a – Hwanmi Lim, Jan Holmbäck
A324, A336, A342 – Emilia Eklund
A320a, A328a – Ioannis Sadiktsis
A328 – Ulrika Nilsson, Tim Åström
B208,a, B210,abc – Claudia Möckel
C217,a, C219,a – Nicole Pamme
Aji Mathew KÖL-K2   K206, K206a - Natalia Fijol
Jiayin Yuan KÖL-K2   K212, K216 - Miao Zhang
Anja-Verena Mudring KÖL-K2   K226 - Guillaume Bousrez
Anja-Verena Mudring KÖL-K3   K304 – Alexander Ovcinnikov
Helena Bergman KÖL-MMK NA KÖL/MMKs course labs - Jakob Norinder

Helena Bergman, head of KÖL
Niklas Hedin, prefekt MMK
Daniel Daley/Lena Mäler, DBB
Kálmán J Szabó, organic chemistry
Camilla Berg, admin

Gunnar Svensson
Kadir Abdul Karim
Jakob Paulin
Kjell Jansson
Christer Degerstedt
Zoltan Bacsik
Aleksander Jaworski
Daniel Emanuelsson
Jakob Norinder
Helena Bergman

Andrew Ken Inge
Baltzar Stevensson
Emilia Eklund
Jakob Norinder
Mika Sipponen



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