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We offer a large number courses in mathematics, mathematical statistics, computer science and scientific computing, as well as several programmes. On this page you can also find information about PhD studies.

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Late application for autumn 2021

Did you miss the deadline for application?

Those of the autumn's courses where we still have places left will open for late application on 16 July. When applying late, applicants are admitted in the order of applying (assuming they are eligible for the course in question) so it is good to apply early!

Note that if it says "closed for late application" on the course may still open for late application, and if it says "will open for late application on 16 July" this is no guarantee that the course will actually open. Unfortunately we can't change this message, it is about the same for all courses and programmes at Stockholm University.


We offer several bachelors' and masters' programmes, leading to bachelors' degrees in mathematics, mathematical statistics or computer science, and masters' degrees in mathematics, mathematical statistics or actuarial mathematics.

Most courses can also be taken as freestanding courses, if you wish to put together your own combination of courses or just want to take a few courses but not an entire degree. Note that if you wish to take a degree with freestanding courses you must make sure that you fulfil the degree requirements.

You can find our courses and programmes at the bottom of this page.

Please note that the bachelors' programmes and several first cycle courses are given in Swedish, as is the Master's Programme in Actuarial Mathematics and most courses included that programme.


Bachelors' programmes

We have three bachelors' programmes: mathematics, mathematics and computer science, and mathematics and economics. These can lead to a bachelor's degree in mathematics, mathematical statistics or computer science.

All these programmes are given at least partially in Swedish. For more information see the Swedish version of this page.

Higher first cycle courses are often given in English. You can find them at the bottom of this page.


Masters' programmes

We have three masters' programmes: mathematics, mathematical statistics and actuarial mathematics. The latter is given in Swedish. The Master's Programme in Mathematics is given jointly with KTH and therefor has a separate page, see links below.

Master's Programme in Mathematical Statistics
Master's Programme in Mathematics
Master's Degree Programme in Mathematics (joint page with KTH)

You can also find these programmes, and our second cycle courses, at the bottom of this page.


PhD studies

PhD studies, or a doctoral education, is the highest level you can study at university. A completed doctoral education leads to a doctoral degree, so called PhD. As a PhD student, you are trained in problem solving, critical thinking, and using the scientific method. You will also learn to both work independently and to collaborate with other researchers.

Read more about PhD studies in mathematics, mathematical statistics and computational mathematics


Degree projects

In both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree there is a mandatory degree project (or independent project) included. You apply for degree projects through, like other courses.

Read more about degree projects on the page about degrees


Distance courses and summer courses

Some first cycle courses are also given as distance courses, often with online resources like recorded lectures. Note that even for distance courses, exams may take place on campus.

We usually offer some distance courses even during the summer, though some of these are in Swedish. In particular, the two specific courses required for eligibility to the Master's Programme in Mathematics may be given (in English) during the summer.

You can find distance courses and summer courses below by filtering by study form or semester.

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