Welcome to the English gateway for staff that gathers the most useful links for the department staff. Your starting point for all employee-related information from the University Human Resources Department. You can also find more specific information on our Swedish gateway for department staff.

University teacher with her students. Photo: Wavebreakmedia © Mostphotos
Get the latest employee-related information from University Human Resources in the English gateway for University staff. Photo: Wavebreakmedia © Mostphotos

There are a wealth of University webpages available which will be hugely useful for you. Whether it's the Gateway for University staff, or its news webpage to keep up to date with the latest stories, or essential tips for upcoming events, this list will hopefully help you along the way. 

Useful links

Gateway for department staff (in Swedish)
In case of emergency
Covid-19: Get the latest updates

For University employees

Gateway for University staff
Staff news
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