The department consists of three Sections, namely: the Section for Journalism, Media and Communication Studies (JMK), and the Sections for Cinema and Fashion Studies.

The department consists of three Sections, namely: 

  1. The Section for Journalism, Media and Communication Studies (JMK)
  2. The Section for Cinema Studies
  3. The Section for Fashion Studies

Senior Management Team

Hirdman, Dahlquist och Erell Foto: A. Landin, L. Dahlquist Mörkenstam och Stockholms universitet
The department's Senior Management Team is composed of the Head of Department Anja Hirdman, Deputy Head of Department Marina Dahlquist and Head of Administration Peter Erell. Photo: Anna Karin Landin, Lo Dahlquist Mörkenstam and Stockholm University.

A new Senior Management Team started in January 2021. Professor Anja Hirdman and professor Marina Dahlquist were appointed by the President to Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department of the Department of Media Studies, for the next three years (January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2023). Peter Erell procedes as Head of Administration and is a member of the Senior Management Team since last year. 


The department is headquartered in two different buildings, Garnisonen and the Film House. JMK and the Section for Fashion Studies, as well as the main part of the Technical Administrative Staff, are based in Garnisonen, while the Section for Cinema Studies is based in the Film House. On our Contact page you will see how our Technical Administrative Staff is organized, and how we operate. 

This is how the Technical Adminstrative Staff is organized

Den teknisk-administrativa personalstyrkan stöder kärnverksamheten Foto: Helder Almeida © Mostphotos
Find out how the Technical Administrative Staff is organized. Photo: Helder Almeida © Mostphotos
Omslagssida till institutionens verksamhetsplan. Grafik: Stockholms universitet © 2021
Annual report. Graphics: Stockholm University © 2021

The Annual Report's main purpose is to be a tool for the department's development and change. 

Photo: Andrey Popov © Mostphotos
Here you will find Stockholm University's Work environment and equal opportunity policy. Photo: Andrey Popov © Mostphotos

The Department's own Work environment and equal opportunity policy (In Swedish)

Stockholm University's: Work environment and equal opportunity policy (in English)



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