Forms of education SPRING 2022 due to Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with Stockholm University's guidelines and decisions, SPRING 2022 will partly look different from regular semesters.

The Department of Media Studies (IMS) mainly conducts - until the authorities and Stockholm University recommend otherwise - on-site teaching, campus teaching.

Exceptions from on-site teaching in the spring of 2022

Large classes / large lectures.

These will when there are large groups have digital teaching, or be moved to large premises, or otherwise handled so that distance can be kept. Changes appear either via the course schedule (TimeEdit), course pages on Athena or other information communicated by the department, for example via Welcome Email.

Any digital teaching takes place via the meeting tool Zoom.

The courses that are mainly affected by the exemption are the major courses:

    Media and Communication Studies I
    Media and Communication Studies II
   Cinema Studies I
    Fashion Studies II

The recommendations below apply:

Teaching in larger groups (for example large lectures) is carried out in rooms that allow students to keep their distance. If it is not possible to avoid congestion in larger student groups, these occasions are carried out digitally.

NOTE current SU information about the situation can be found below. Covid-19 information

Changes may occur

Based on the recommendations of the responsible authorities or Stockholm University, the conditions may change and updates will be provided on the course pages in Athena.

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