The Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (MISU) conducts research and education in an international environment. The department employs just over 70 individuals. A new Delegation of authority for MISU was approved on March 10, 2021.

MISU organisation. Created by Sara Engström.

The MISU department board handles a variety of important issues related to education and research at the department, such as course curriculum, teaching arrangements, admission of graduate students, budgets and requests from the students.

The board consists of seven members and a permanent secretary. The members are normally elected for three years with the exception of student representatives who have a term of one year. Student representatives are appointed by the Student Union (graduate student representative on a proposal from the PhD Council at the department).

The Board is composed as follows for 2021-2023:



Rodrigo Caballero, Head of Department

Vice Chairman:

Johan Nilsson, Deputy Head of Department


Sara Engström, Head of Administration

Valkorp 1 (teachers)

Frida Bender
Léon Chafik
Thorsten Mauritsen
Alternates, to be summoned in this order: Jörg Gumbel, Inga Koszalka, Jonas Nycander

Valkorp 2 (TA personnel)

Ingrid Eronn
Alternates, to be summoned in this order: Anna Lewinschal, Albert de Haan

Valkorp 3 (students)

Aiden Jönsson
Oskar Åslund (undergraduate)
Alternates, to be summoned in this order: Lina Broman, Björn Linder, Karolina Siegel, vacant (undergraduate)

For employees: Board minutes can be found on the X-drive.

Department board meetings in 2021

2021-06-14    kl 13:00-15:30
2021-09-27    kl 13:00-15:30
2021-11-15      kl 13:00-15:30
2021-12-15     kl 09:30-12:00


The Prefektråd was created after suggestions from the MISU internal change work (decision made by the Head of the deparment on 2011-04-27). The prefektråd is part of the new leadership structure, that should transparent and make it possible for everyone at MISU to feel included in the department work.

Members of the Prefektråd 

Rodrigo Caballero (Head of Department)
Johan Nilsson (Deputy Head of Department)
Sara Engström (Head of Administration)
Jonas Nycander (Director of Studies, undergraduate level)
Michael Tjernström (Director of Studies, PhD level)


The faculty council has been established after a suggestion that was put forward in connection to the work within the improvement project at MISU (prefektbeslut 2011-04-27). The council consists of all permanently employed teachers at MISU. It is part of the proposed new governance structure for MISU which should be transparent and inclusive for everyone at the department. More information here.


Administrative and financial questions

Sara Engström, Head of Administration
Marianne Lagerklint, HR Officer, Communicator
Agneta Malmberg, Administrator, IMI administration
Albert de Haan, Economist
Susanne Ericson, Financial administrator

Student administrative questions

Ingrid Eronn, Study and career counsellor and administrator

IT, workshop and laboratory questions

Sergej Karetnikov, Data and system technician
Nils Walberg, Research engineer
Joachim Dillner, Research engineer
Anna Banasiak, Research engineer
Anna Lewinschal, Scientific programmer


Below is a list of people responsible for issues related to your work environment at MISU.

Work environment

Responsible for the work environment

Sara Engström

Contacts for CM- and AP-lab and the Workshop:

Anna Banasiak (CM-lab)
Jonas Hedin (AP-lab)
Joachim Dillner (the Central Workshop)

Safety officers

Jonas Hedin, MISU
Emmy Nilsson, (on parental leave) alternate for MISU when Jonas is absent
Joachim Dillner, the Central Workshop
Jonathan Wiskandt, PhD students

Fire protection coordinator

Sara Engström

Fire protection inspector

Jonas Hedin

Evacuation leaders

Anna Lewinschal
Albert de Haan
Jonas Hedin

Coordinator flammable goods

Jonas Hedin



Sara Engström

IT Security

Sergej Karetnikov (IT technician)


Frida Bender


Björn Linder


Albert de Haan

PhD Council

Jonathan Wiskandt, chair
Karolina Siegel, vice chair
Jonathan Wiskandt, representative Naturvetenskapliga Forskningsrådet (NFR)


Below is a list of all MISU working groups, including their objectives and members.

The Work Environment, Equality and Environment (WEEE) Council

Objective: The WEEE Council is responsible for the systematic work environment management at MISU and also a forum for management, staff and students alike to put forward and discuss issues related to work environment, equal treatment, equal opportunities and environment. The council aims at ensuring a good work environment, equal treatment, equal opportunities and sustainability in the department and its operations. The council does not have any decision making mandate, decisions made within the above areas are made by the management.

Council Members             

Sara Engström - Chairman, Responsible for Staff Work Environment  
Johan Nilsson - Deputy chairman
Jonas Hedin - Work Environment Representative
Frida Bender - Equality Representative 
Björn Linder - Environment Representative
Ingrid Eronn - Responsible for Undergraduate Students’ Work Environment
Jonathan Wiskandt - Representative for PhD Students  
Oskar Åslund - Representative for Undergraduate Students
Partaking when issues concerning undergraduate students are discussed

Graduate Education group

Objective: Discussions about issues of importance for the PhD education, e.g. study plans, courses and couse plans, supervison, seminars and committee work.

The group meets when needed.

Michael Tjernström (Director of study, PhD programme), convener
Abdel Hannachi (teacher/researcher)
Alejandro Baró Pérez (PhD student)
Kathrin Finke (PhD student)

Undergraduate Education Council

Objective: Overall and stategic issues related to the undergraduate education at MISU. Ensure the quality of education and its further development. Exchange platform between the Directors of studies, Study counselor, teachers and students. A council for the Master's programme in Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography and Climate Physics at MISU.

The group meets twice per semester.

Jonas Nycander (Director of study, undergraduate programmes) - convener
Ingrid Eronn (Study counsellor, undergraduate programmes)
Jörg Grumbel (adjunct teacher)
Oskar Åslund (student Master programme)
Onni Mikola (student Bachelor programme)

Web group

Objective: Discuss the development of  MISU's website.

Marianne Lagerklint (Main editor for the website) - convener
Sara Engström (Head of admin)
Thorsten Mauritsen (teacher/researcher)
Maura Dewey (PhD student)
Ezra Eisbrenner (PhD student)

Seminar group

Objective: Discuss and bring forward suggestions on how to improve seminar activities at MISU.

Frida Bender (teacher/researcher) - convener
Marianne Lagerklint (Main editor for the website)
Léon Chafik (teacher/researcher)
Martin Renoult (PhD student)
Alejandro Uribe Cortes (PhD student)

Social activities

Objective: Organise social activities for MISU employees.

Sonja Murto (PhD student)
Cheng You (PhD student)


Centralverkstaden has been re-organised and is now in two locations:

Workshop at IGV

Svante Arrhenius väg 6A
Contact: Draupnir Einarsson (

Workshop at AlbaNova

Hannes Alfvéns väg 13
Contact: Patrik Löfgren (

Read more here about Mechanical workshop services at the Faculty of Science.



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