The Department of Philosophy is actively engaged in and committed to contributing to the public debate.

The Public Ethics blog offers expert philosophical analysis of ethical issues in the news. It is published by the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, and started life as the Ethical War Blog. Edited by Romy Eskens.

Public ethics

Helen Frowe

Helen Frowe, professor in Practical Philosoohy

Ethics of War, Self defence and Ethics of Killing

What is a justified war? What people is it permissible to kill in war? When is it morally permissible to employ lethal force in self-defence?



Erik Angner

Foto: Anna Karin Landin
Erik Angner, professor in practical Philosophy (foto: Anna-Karin Landin)

Happiness, wellbeing, rationality, behavioural economics, nudging

How do economic theories aid us in making better political decisions? What are norms? Are people rational? How do we best measure well-being and happiness? Erik is in charge of the prestigious Bachelor’s programme Philosophy, Economics and Politics

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