On this page we have gathered useful information for employees.

In You and Your Workplace you will get an overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University.

You and Your Workplace

People working at Stockholm University can find information on terms of employment, benefits, and other subjects like equality, the workplace, and the environment on web page for personnel.


The vacation planning must be completed by the end of April. The basic rule is that all vacation days for the current year shall be used.

The Department of Philosophy has clarified the regulation regarding vacation in an internal policy.

Vacation policy (87 Kb)

The working environment and gender equality group at the Department of Philosophy includes the following persons:

Regular members                                                                                                                                         Anandi Hattiangadi (professor)
Björn Eriksson (Head of Department)
Marjan Bastansiar (Chair and Head of Administration)
Anton Axelson (student)
Mattias Högström (work environment representative and administrative director of studies)
Mikael Janvid (Deputy Head of Department)
Alice Damirjian (PhD student)                                                                                                              Elisabeth Furberg (administrative director of studies)

Gösta Grönroos

Collaborators and students are welcome to raise questions to the the working environment and gender equality groups at the department.

Sustainable development is central to Stockholm University and we work actively–through education, research and collaboration–to achieve the goals of UN’s Agenda 2030. We are the first Swedish university to commit to mobilising resources for climate research under the UN’s Climate Summit.

Environmental Policy for Stockholm University

The university's path towards carbon dioxide neutrality 2040
Stockholm University's goal is to be carbon neutral by 2040. As part of the work, the university has developed a climate roadmap that highlights proposals for measures and goal formulations.

Read more in the university's climate roadmap

Environmental representative at the Department of Philosophy
Marjan Bastansiar
Room: 790 (Universitetsvägen 10 D)
Phone: 08-162814

Environmental action plan (31 Kb)

Stockholm University has an agreement with Egencia. The agreement means that it obliges everyone (regardless of funding) at the university to buy their business travel with them. It is not allowed to book business travel on your own and then request reimbursement for it in Primula. Therefore business travels booked outside the agreement with Egencia will not be reimbursed. However, it is allowed to buy train tickets directly from SJ.

Book your business travel
Travel booking can be made in Egencias booking tool. The purpose of your business travel should be stated in Egencias booking tool together with eventual project number.  Egencia can also be contacted by email or phone for personal service.

Policy for meetings and travel
Employees must carefully evaluate the need for every workrelated travel. To minimise the impact on the climate and environment travel must to the furthest possible extent be replaced with digital meetings. This also applies to travel that is elicited and funded by external parties. It is not permitted to fly to a meeting or an activity that lasts less than one workday if digital participation is an option.

Policy for meetings and travel

Travel insurance
Before traveling ensure that you obtain a travel insurance card. Please contact Susanne Forssell or if you do not have a travel insurance card.

Travelling with EU, it is recommended that you bring the European health insurance card ("Europeiska sjukförsäkringskortet"), which can be ordered from The Swedish Social Insurance Agency ("Försäkringskassan").

Uber, Airbnb and similar suppliers
It is not allowed to use the service Uber, Lyft, Airbnb or similar companies for business travel.

More information can be found at Stockholm University's website Uber, Airbnb and similar suppliers?

Employees at Stockholm University can order books, articles and other media resources that are not available at the library. The library buys and borrows requested resources provided that they are linked to current studies or research at Stockholm University.
For more information, see:

Order material from Stockholm University Library

If you need your own copy, staff is referred to the Bokus and Adlibris agreements. Please email Gösta Grönroos who will help you further, and include the following in your email:  
•    book title
•    purpose: teaching (the name of the course), or research
•    eventual project number

Expenses should be avoided.

Expenses for employees are claimed through the University's human resources system Primula. Please go to Primula and log in with your SUKAT-account. Select form: Expenses and car allowance. The forms Travel bill – international or Travel bill – in Sweden shall only be used if per diem should be paid out.
Fill in the web form with the details required and hand the original receipts to our Finance Administrator, to complete your expense claim. Your claim should be completed as soon as possible. Requests for reimbursement which are more than three months old will not necessarily be taken into account, in line with university regulations.

The paper copy of a completed expense claim (loose-leaf in a plastic folder or paper-clipped) contains:
•    The printout from Primula
•    The purpose should either be specified in the textbox in Primula or through attached documents (e.g. conference program or similar).
•    Support for expenses, e.g., original receipts/electronic receipts, or e.g., bank statements, that confirm that the claimed expense was made by the claimant.
•    Each receipt/supporting document should be taped (not stapled) on a separate sheet of A4 paper.
•    Each receipt should be numbered according to that shown in the printout from Primula
•    If a receipt is hard to understand, an explanatory text should be written alongside.
•    For travel claims/per diem (form Travel bill international or Travel bill in Sweden) you also need to attach the travel itinerary from from Egencia or similar documentation, e.g. boarding passes and/or tickets, that confirm that the trip was made and when it was made.

Please note that we need to save the original receipts at the department, and that only expenses verified by receipts can be reimbursed.

Secondary employment means any activity alongside a staff member’s work that cannot be regarded as part of his or her private life. Secondary employment can be either paid or unpaid.

Employees should report secondary employment in the HR system Primula. Teachers should do this continuously and on their own initiative. Other employees are only required to report secondary employment in Primula, if the employer requests it.

More information can be found at Stockholm University's website Employees’ secondary employment

The President at Stockholm University has decided on 03/09/2023 that wellness benefit is now given in relation to employment rate according to five steps. If you are on parental leave or sick leave you may use the benefit during your absence (incl. part-time absence).

As an employee at Stockholm University, you have the right to wellness. The offer is aimed at all employees and consists of four parts:
•    wellness hour
•    wellness benefit
•    group training in the Frescatihallen
•    training in the staff gym (for a fee).
For more information, see: Wellness

Wellness benefit
Employees should register the wellness benefit in Primula.
1.    Log in to Primula / My Page / Wellness benefit
2.    Select Health maintenance expenses
3.    Enter the date you paid for the wellness benefit
4.    Enter what Health maintenance expenses (wellness benefit) refers to e.g. Gym, Massage etc.
5.    Fill in the amount you have paid (maximum SEK 3,000 per calendar year) Note! The reimbursable amount is based on the current employment period, equivalent to SEK 208 per month
6.    Scan receipts and attach to the Primula case (Note/Att)
7.    Click Calculate
8.    Click Preview/Print and print the cover page
9.    Then click Submit
10.    Provide cover page together with original receipt and/or supporting documents (for example invoice + bank statement) to our Finance administrator.

The University’s provider of occupational health care services is Feelgood företagshälsovård AB.

As an employee at the University you can contact Feelgood for counselling and telephone advice on work-related illnesses.

Occupational health care services- Feelgood

According to Decision 1998:5 entitled “Working at a screen,” of the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), employees are entitled to a free eye test and, if needed, to special glasses designed for working at a computer screen.
The glasses can either be single vision or “occupational-progressives” with a visual acuity of up to 4 meters.

The preferred option depends on your work tasks. If the distances at which you work change, “occupational-progressive” is often better. The opticians with whom the State has signed an agreement have a lot of experience in determining the correct type of lens.

Computer glasses (sometimes called terminal glasses) paid for by the State are considered occupational equipment.

The State has signed 2019-04-01 through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) a ranked, framework agreement with:
1.    Specsavers Sweden AB
2.    Synoptik Sweden AB
3.    Synsam Group Sweden AB and
4.    Synologen AB.
This agreement means that you must first go to the supplier listed as #1.

Please contact the Finance administrator or the Head of Administration to obtain an order form/purchase order. The purchase order signed by the Head of the Department is sent to the employee via e-mail. The employee prints the purchase order and brings it to the store.

If there is a crisis and you do not know what to do, use checklists and other emergency support on the university staff pages.

In case of emergency/Crisis
Crisis management plan

Below you will find the document Routines for external research funding at the Department of Philosophy that should be followed when applying for external funding.

Routines for external research funding at the Department of Philosophy (400 Kb)

Percentages and amounts to be used in your budget calculation is updated annually, so make sure to use up-to-date information, which you will find below:

Social fees: calculated as 55,45 % of gross salary.
Indirect costs/OH: calculated as 24% of the total of gross salary including LKP.
Office: 75 000 SEK for a two window room and year for fulltime.
Annual salary raise: calculate with a yearly raise of 2,5%.

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