Conferences and seminars

Seminars, workshops and conferences in philosophy are frequently arranged at Stockholm University.


CLLAM is a centre within the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University. Its purpose is to further research and international research cooperation in the areas of logic, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. It was formally established through a decision in 2010 by Kåre Bremer, then vice-chancellor of Stockholm University.
CLLAM is a node of the PLM Network of centers and departments. CLLAM organised the first PLM Conference, at on the Frescati Campus, in September 2011. It organised a PLM masterclass, with David Chalmers, in June 2015.
CLLAM is a node in the NorMind Network for Philosophy of Mind.
CLLAM organises the Logic, Language, and Mind Seminar series at the Department of Philosophy, meeting Friday mornings, on average every second week.
The director of CLLAM is Kathrin Glüer-Pagin.
The other board members are Anandi Hattiangadi, Sören Häggqvist, Peter Pagin, Anders Schoubye, Dag Westerståhl, and Åsa Wikforss.


Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University have together established the Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics, CHE. CHE addresses ethical issues in medical care, preventive healthcare and biomedical research.

This includes the ethical problems arising in the practice of different medical and nursing professions, plus ethical aspects of the development, use and testing of techniques and methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The field of activity also encompasses basic public policy decisions concerning investments in healthcare and medicine.

CHE engages in research, training, knowledge production, basic training and information within this ambit. The research will include both applied projects and projects of a more basic kind aimed at deepening our understanding of ethnical problems of significance for healthcare and medicine and for biomedical research.

More information about CHE's activities is available on its homepage.

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