The Department has decided that no teaching will take place on campus until at least October 31

No teaching on campus at least until October 31.

The Department of Philosophy has decided that none of our courses or programs will have any teaching activity or examination on campus until the October 31. All teaching and examination during the first half of the semester will be carried out digitally.

Important! In view of recent update of government guidelines to lift Covid-related restrictions due on September 29, the Department of Philosophy expects campus teaching and examination to resume on November 1. In that case, students are expected to return to campus for teaching and examination. However, the department hasn’t yet made a decision to return to campus activities on November 1. A decision to that end is still pending.
There is yet no decision from the university management about what will happen after October 31st regarding possible campus teaching and examination. As soon as there is a decision from the university management about what happens from 1 November regarding teaching and examination, we will post information about this on our website.