We actively collaborate with universities, organizations, authorities, companies and individuals outside Stockholm university.

We want to build networks, so that the step from university to business should be short and easy to take. Advances in research are not just for us, but for the general public. Through the media, we can contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and debate. With communication, we can increase understanding, interest and broaden our visions for the future.


We collaborate in both the short and long term with municipalities and schools. Our researchers participate in various activities for schools all year round where we have popular science lectures, demonstrations and other hands-on activities. You will find us at the following:


The alumni network can also give you access to new knowledge, new research results, continuing education and contact with lecturers and teachers. You get the opportunity to:

  • reconnect with old students
  • the university's digital newsletter 10 times a year
  • access to current knowledge and new research results
  • invitations to reunions and other events
  • other benefits offered to network members

If you have questions, contact

Stockholm University's alumni network

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