Here you find address and contact information for staff and general functions at the Department of Physical Geography. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you are contacting several people at the same time, please include all recipients in the same message. Do not send several separate emails to different people.


Adresses and Organisation number

Visiting address

Geovetenskapens hus (Geo-Science building)
Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Frescati, Stockholm
Metro station: Universitetet

Postal address

Stockholm University
Department of Physical Geography
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Delivery address (parcels, heavier deliveries)

Larger parcels for the department, the delivery address is to the university main goods unit:
Stockholm University
Department of Physical Geography
Frescativägen 8
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Invoice address

Stockholms universitet
190 87 Rosersberg

Invoice reference: 463 [name/project number]

See Invoices, payments and e-commerce

Questions about invoices and suppliers information, please contact economy officers,

Organisation number

202100-3062 (Sweden)
SE202100306201 (VAT number)


+46 8 162000 (switchboard)



Questions about events regarding the departments different research and education areas, please contact:

Malin Stenberg de Serves
Telephone: 08-16 10 52
Mobile: +4670-618 25 35

You may also contact The central press office at Stockholm University


Department Management

Head of Department
Deputy Head of Department
Head of Administration


The directors of studies have an overall responsibility for the education. Contact the study counsellor for your course or your program for questions concerning credit transfer, admission, eligibility and questions concerning study planning. If you have questions about course information, registration, schedule, literature lists and exams, contact the student office where the education belongs (for contact information for the student offices, see the education page).

Director of studies

Director of Studies for Bachelor's and Master's level
Director of Studies for PhD level

Study councellors

Study counsellor Master's level



Technician, IT





Associate Professors

Associate Professors


Researchers and Postdoctoral Researchers

Researchers and Postdoctoral Researchers


PhD Students

PhP Students


Other PhD and Licentiate Students

Other PhD and Litentiate Students


Technical Staff

Technical Staff


Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

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