Form of teaching at the Department of Physics

Since the Swedish Public Health Agency is lifting the recommendation on distance education from 2021-06-01, the president of SU has made a decision (Dnr. SU- FV-1.1.2-1620-20) that the university can gradually return to teaching and examination on campus. The teaching and examination must follow the rules and recommendations from authorities. Information about the autumn semester must be provided well in advance, but no later than 2021-07-20.

For courses given at the Department of Physics during the summer and autumn semesters, the following applies:

1.    Re-exams in June are given remotely as planned.

2.    For re-exams in August, it is advantageous to give them remotely (using same format as the regular exam). If it is justified, the re-exam can be given on campus. The examiner has to notify the students (and the study administration) no later than 2021-06-18 and the information about the format of the exam will be available in the exam schedule.

3.    Roll-calls and introductory meetings for new students are planned to be carried out partly remotely and partly on campus. Gatherings on campus are planned in smaller groups.

4.    For courses given during the first half of the autumn semester, teaching takes place partly remotely and partly on campus. Campus based teaching is prioritized for courses aimed at students beginning their education. Teaching for large groups on campus is avoided during the beginning of the semester (rules for general gatherings are indicative). Practical elements (e.g. laboratory work) and examination are given on campus unless adequate alternatives remotely can be offered. Teaching on campus is arranged with regard to the Swedish Public Health Agency's guidelines.

Information about the format of teaching on each course is stated on the course page in the digital course catalog under the heading "Teaching summer / autumn 2021" no later than 2021-06-18.

Student som studerar vid dator. Ekvationer på tavla i bakgrunden.
Foto: Ingmarie Andersson/Stockholms universitet

5.    For courses given in the second half of the semester, we plan to go completely on campus, with the proviso that the decision is reviewed at the start of the semester. This gives two months in advance, at the same time as we have the opportunity to see how the situation develops in the autumn.

If new decisions come from the Government or the president of the university, these guidelines may be updated.