Information about courses given during autumn semester 2021

The government and the public health authority have decided that the restrictions will be lifted on September 29 -2021. The president of Stockholm University has previously decided on a gradual return to campus teaching during the autumn semester (Dnr. SU- FV-1.1.2-1620-20). At the Department of Physics the format for teaching during the first half of the semester was decided June 4 -2021 (Dnr: SU-402-0072-21).

Based on current recommendations, the following will be decided for the second half of the autumn semester:

- Teaching and examination takes place mainly on campus

- Students should be given the opportunity for physical distancing when possible. This is to be able to follow the public health authority's advice to not fully vaccinated students.  

- For those courses where teaching and / or examination has previously been planned to be given remotely and this is judged to be equivalent to campus teaching, there is the possibility of remote teaching during the entire autumn semester.

 - Students and teachers are encouraged to stay home in case of symptoms of Covid-19. We will make it easier for students who do not have the opportunity to follow the teaching on campus.

- For courses that are not given according to the planned teaching format, information about the current format will be stated on the course page in the digital course catalog.

- From the spring semester 2022, full return to campus is planned.