Mingle with Fysikum students and alumni

On May 30, we celebrated the graduation of a number of students from the Bachelor and Master programmes. Staff, alumni and students mingled with each other and then enjoyed lectures from Jonas Enander, Communications Officer at the Oscar Klein Centre, and Jens Jasche, Researcher in Cosmology. The students received diplomas and everyone present enjoyed drinks and snacks.

The afternoon started with mingle, food and drinks.

Studierektor Fredrik Hellberg delar ut diplom till studenter
Director of Studies Fredrik Hellberg hands out diplomas to students. Photo: Gunilla Häggström

Diplomas to students on the Bachelor and Master programmes

Director of Studies Fredrik Hellberg gave a speech to students who have completed the Bachelor and Master programmes in Physics. He also handed out diplomas to the students who have completed the research programme at Fysikum. The research branch runs in parallel with the Bachelor's programme in physics, where the aim is to offer in-depth study and research links as well as training in problem solving beyond what is included in the regular Bachelor's programme.

Masterstudenter i fysik vid Fysikum
Master and Bachelor students in physics at Fysikum

Lectures by alumni Jonas Enander and Jens Jasche

Jonas Enander is a communicator at Oskar Klein Centre. OKC is a collaboration between Fysikum and the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Jonas studied at Fysikum around 2005 and completed his PhD in 2015.
"I did both my master's thesis and my doctoral work at the Division of Cosmology, Astroparticle Physics and String Theory."

He has a background as a physics researcher, but in recent years has switched to science communication. In spring 2023, he worked as a science writer at the European Southern Observatory outside Munich.

"Besides that, I write popular science articles for various Swedish and American magazines, record podcasts and travel around interviewing scientists and visiting telescopes for a book I am writing about black holes. The book will be published in August 2024 by Albert Bonnier."

Physicist Jens Jasche is a researcher in cosmology and machine learning at the Oskar Klein Centre and Fysikum at Stockholm University. Together with systems developer Stuart McAlpine, he is working to create an exact digital twin of our universe. It is the first of its kind and is based on a combination of machine learning, AI, cutting-edge statistical techniques and numerical simulation. 

"I am trying to reach a complete understanding of how the universe was created 13.8 billion years ago. As a cosmologist, I have the luxury of travelling out into the universe every day in my mind and seeing life on Earth from a different perspective. It makes me realise how precious our little planet is."

After the lectures, participants could experience the universe through virtual reality goggles and ask questions. 


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