Information about teaching spring term

We plan for online teaching during the spring term. Some parts of the teaching could be carried out on campus to the extent that it is possible.

This, however, requires that we adhere to the existing guidelines. All teaching will be offered online regardless if teaching at campus is included or not.

The course responsible teacher will inform you about what applies for your course.

Student Affairs

Until further notice the Student counsellors and the Student Affairs Office will not accept visitors. Communication takes place through email and/or phone calls.

The handing out of exams will only be possible on appointment. For inquiries, please contact The Student Affairs Office will distribute exams digitally to the extent possible, and will only be available for physical meetings if necessary. The department’s employees will work from home. This means that it may take time before they have access to any material that you as a student want to access.

Exchange or internship

If you are an exchange or internship student, it is important that you keep up to date on the situation in the country you are in and you must also follow the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendations.

If you are an intern in Sweden or abroad, you must follow the guidelines that your workplace applies. For interns in Sweden, compulsory seminar attendance will be replaced with written assignments. See Athena for more information.

Those who are on internship abroad or are on exchange are insured through “Kammarkollegiets Student-UT” insurance. On their website you will find more information about the insurance.

If you need to leave the country you are staying in, or end your internship, in Sweden as well as abroad, you should contact the following:
Exchange students:
Internship students:

Additional information

How you can study from home

The university’s general information on the coronavirus can be found here

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