Incoming exchange students

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University. We usually host about a dozen incoming students each semester. If you are, or wish to become, one of them, this is a good page to start.

Campus or online?

We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. You should stay up-to-date by checking our website and your course site in the student platform Athena. These arrangements are subject to change with short notice should new guidelines be published by the government.

Information for students and staff about the coronavirus



To be able to participate in exchange programs such as Erasmus+ or Nordplus, you must be nominated by your own international coordinator at your home university.

After nomination, you will get application forms from us sent to your e-mail.

Nominations are now open for incoming students Autumn 2022

Send your nominations to no later than April 20, 2022.

Send your application to no later than May 3, 2022.

For our partner universities

Note! We will continue using MoveOn and start using OLA 3.0 in Dashboard later on. At that point a new FactSheet will be sent to all our partner universities/institutional contracts. For this spring semester, nominate your applicants according to provided FactSheet sent to partner universities by e-mail/Institutional Contracts.

Application and enrollment in courses

In order for you to prepare and plan your exchange semester, application and course selection, please see our course catalogue for the courses offered at the Department of Psychology for exchange students.

Course catalogue for exchange students 2021/2022 (960 Kb)

The majority of our courses offered in English are in the second cycle, on master’s level. We do offer courses in the first cycle, on bachelor's level, as well. If you are proficient in Swedish, you are most welcome to select and enroll in courses within Psychology I, Psychology II as well as courses within our master programs with Swedish as the primary language of instruction.


In addition to enrollment in courses at our department, you are welcome to choose complimentary courses at other departments. The minimum requirement is that at least 50% of your selected courses are courses in psychology.

Lappkärrsberget Photo Per Larsson

All admitted exchange students will receive a letter of acceptance and an additional application form/with instructions, that needs to be returned to the department within due date, stated on the application form.




Welcome activities

Welcome day Photo by Vilhelm Stokstad/Kontinent

Welcome activities are arranged each semester for exchange students. The activities are arranged before the semester starts. The central International office at Stockholm University arranges welcoming activities for all incoming exchange students at different departments at the university. A day full of enjoyable activities and a good opportunity to mingle and meet other exchange students.

The Department of Psychology also offers a welcoming meeting as well as farewell activities at the end of the semester.

Welcome activities


Almost every course is 7,5 credits (approximately one month of full-time studies) and you study 4 of these courses each semester (=30 credits). Some courses are given as half-time studies, and then you can take two at the same time for full-time studies.

The schedules of the courses will be published no later than one month before each course starts.

Registered students use our learning platform called Athena for course activities and communication.


Schedules and course information


Swedish language learning courses

If you would like to learn Swedish you are able to enroll in Swedish for beginners’ course, offered at Stockholm University. In addition to information on the courses and how to register, provided with the welcoming letter sent to all exchange students with the letter of acceptance prior to your arrival, you will get further information during the welcoming activities at the department.

More information


Travelogue of an exchange student from Åbo Akademi

Jakob Langenskiöld with friends

One could argue that Stockholm is not the most exotic destination for a Swedish speaking Finn. Especially not for a 21 year old student based in Turku, only 300 km away. But distance is all relative... Don't miss Jakob Langenskiöld's travelogue from 2019!

Travelogue of an exchange student from Åbo Akademi



If you already are an international guest student at our department or if you are interested in becoming one, you should contact our International coordinator for further information and guidance.

International coordinator
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