Frequently asked questions during the summer

Here you can find the answers to many of the questions that students ask our study counsellors or the Student Affairs office during the summer.

Summer picture, decorative. Dandelions and walking boards. Photo: Henrik Dunér
Photo: Henrik Dunér

General questions

How and when can I make an appointment with a study counsellor?

The Study counsellors' office is closed during the summer but you can book an appointment online for when we open up again in August. Appointments are available for the first weeks in August, and later appointment times will be added continuously.


For students who have studied with us before

I need to take a re-exam for a course I have previously studied. How can I sign up for the exam?

You may have to re-register, please contact Student Affairs,

I need syllabuses and course plans for courses I have previously studied. How can I get hold of them?

If you’re not able to find them in our Archive, please contact Student Affairs,


For students who are currently studying with us

When and how do I i find the schedule for the autumn term?

Schedule is available one month before your course starts, please search for your schedule.

I am starting the 3rd semester of the International master program and I want to make a change in my course choices. How can I do that?

The possibility of changing yoour course choice is limited and takes place subject to availability. Please contact Student Affairs for further assistance:


For students who have been admitted, conditionally admitted or have applied to study with us for the autumn term 2021

I have been admitted to the International two-year master program and I need to activate my student account and for that I need a code. Can you help me?

A one-time code will be sent by email to students who do not have a Swedish social security number no later than the 13th of August.

I have been admitted but I forgot to register within the registration deadline. What happens now?

Unfortunately you have then lost your admission.

I am conditionally admitted to the International two-year master program. What do I need to do now?

If you are conditionally admitted, you have to prove that you have the necessary prerequisites for the program before we can register you (you will not be able to register online). You must do this before August 20th.

Send an email to containing verification that you fulfill the requirements (for example, a copy of your final transcript of your degree certificate). Please note that it is not enough that you have the equivalent of 180 credits. You must have a degree certificate or a certificate stating that you have applied for the degree certificate in order to register for the program.

I have been admitted but want to postpone my studies – what can I do?

You can apply for deferral of studies. The application is not handled by the department of Psychology but by the Admissions Office at Stockholm university. Please see more information on the conditions for applying and how to apply at their website.

I was not admitted to the International two-year master program but I am on the waiting list. What do I do now? Will I be offered a place?

There is nothing specific that you need to do at the moment. All admitted students will register themselves from August 16 to August 23. This means that after August 24 we will have a clear view of how many students have accepted their place on the program and we will then know if we have places available for those on the waiting list.

If we have places available we will get in touch with you by e-mail on August 24-25, so remember to check your e-mail (and junk mail) carefully.

I have been admitted and I wonder how the program will be taught due to the covid-situation. Will it be campus based or online?

The Swedish Public Health Agency has withdrawn the recommendation on distance education for universities from 1 June 2021. The Department of Psychology and other departments will make information available on their respective websites on how courses will be taught in the first half of the autumn term no later than 20 July 2021. Please also see Stockholm University’s general information about covid.

I have been admitted to the International two-year master program and I have previously studied some courses that have very similar content to some of the courses in the program. Do I need to take them again?

You can apply for transfer of credits after you have been admitted and, if approved, you do not need to take the courses again. All information on how to apply for transfer of credits can be found here. Please note that we cannot make pre-assessments of whether your application will be approved or not.


For students who would like to study with us

I am an international student and I want to study with you. How do I apply?

You can see all information on applying at You can find more information on our courses and programs.

Can I study psychology in English at Stockholm university?

Our International two-year master program is taught fully in English. Our other programs and courses are all taught in Swedish and require knowledge of Swedish language at an academic level for eligibility.

More information on language requirements for studying in English at universities in Sweden.

More information on language reqirements for studying in Swedish at universitities in Sweden.

When is the next application period for the International two-year master program?

The next possibility to apply is for studies starting in the autumn term of 2022. The international application round will take place from October 2021 – mid-January 2022. All exact dates will be published at where you can also find all other relevant information on applying.

Can I still apply for studies starting in the autumn term om 2021?

No, the application for the autumn term of 2021 is closed and we do not accept late applications. The next possibility to apply is for studies starting in the autumn term of 2022.

I want to apply to the International two-year master program. Am I eligible?

Please see the requirements for the program. Note that we give no notices on eligibility in advance and all applicants must go through the proper application process through, where you also find information on how and when to apply.

I am interested in your International two-year master program and I have specific subject interests for my thesis project. Do you have researchers who are currently conducting research relating to my interests?

Please see our research information pages for our research areas and research groups.

Does the International two-year master program allow me to become a licensed psychologist? Is it a clinical program?

No, we do not offer a masters, or any freestanding courses/modules, in clinical psychology. The only way to study to become a licensed clinical psychologist here in Sweden is through the full psychologists programme. The psychologists programme is a five-year full time programme (300 credits). Afterwards you’re granted a psychologists diploma which is a requirement for gaining a license through the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

All admissions to the programme are based solely on upper secondary school grades and results on the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test. You can not be admitted based on academic studies.
Please note that the programme is offered exclusively in Swedish.

More information on language reqirements for studying in Swedish at universitities in Sweden.

How do I gain a license to practice as a psychologist/psychotherapist in Sweden if I have foreign credentials?

Licenses to practice are applied for at the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). They are also in charge of assessing your credentials, this is not done by the university.

I am a Swedish speaker. Can I study the International two-year master program in Swedish?

No. The International two-year master program is taught fully in English, which includes course literature, examinations and seminars, etc. Everyone is expected to conduct their studies fully in English, including Swedish speaking students.

I want to apply to study with you. Are there any scholarships available to apply for?

Please see this page for information about scholarships.


Incoming exchange students

I want to make a change in my course selection. How can I do that?

Please send us the following information via e-mail to

  • Which course or courses you no longer wish to take.
  • Which course or courses you would like to take instead.

When you have sent us this information, we will try to accommodate your change of courses and get back to you with a decision between August 5th-9th. Please note that if your request includes taking a new course at a different department this time frame is not applicable, since we need to wait for their decision.

Please carefully select courses and make sure your new choices do not collide schedule wise and that you are eligible. The process of getting a decision is faster if you have already made sure of this by checking the courses in the course catalogue and in relation to the term dates.

Your new course choices also need to be approved by your home university and a change needs to be made in your Learning agreement which needs to be signed by both the sending and receiving international coordinator. Do not make changes in your Learning agreement until you have received a decision from us since we cannot guarantee change of courses.

I need to cancel my exchange to Stockholm university. What do I do?

Please send us the following information via e-mail to

  • Your name and date of birth
  • The name of your home university
  • That you wish to cancel your exchange.

When you have sent us this information we will reply to confirm your cancellation no later than August 9th.

If you have applied for housing through Stockholm university’s Housing Offiice, do not forget to also notify them that you have cancelled your exchange.

You also need to notify your home unviersity of your cancellation.

I need documents signed by the international coordinator. What should I do?

Please send us the following information via e-mail to

  • The document which you need signed.
  • The deadline of when you need the signed document returned to you.
  • Where you want it to be sent (to yourself or the international coordinator at your home university, including this person’s e-mail address).

When you have sent us all the listed information and documents we will administer it and return a signed document to you if applicable. If we have any questions or need more information from you we will contact you. Please make sure you send us all the information listed above since this ensures a quicker process.