New web sections launched

All websites at Stockholm University are being renewed in the so called web2021-project. In December the Department of Psychology launched the new Education tab and on April 16 we got a new start page and a new tab with information About the Department.

The new design is quite different from the old one, with large photos with links to take you further into the site. Now you will find News and Calendar events and more by scrolling down the start page. If you have already got used to the university web site at you will see that this is much the same.

Please use the so called "hamburger menu" in the header to quickly navigate between sections. The globe icon will take you to the Swedish pages, where you will find even more detailed information. A good thing with the new design is that the information in English will be more updated than before, or that is our ambition...

Our courses and programmes, from the Start page

The new interface is significantly more adapted to mobile devices, but there will be some scrolling involved before finding what you are looking for. On a larger computer screen you may miss the overview of the previous design, but hopefully you will soon get the hang of it.

Now when these sections are in place the only tab left to launch in the new design is the Research tab. The templates are starting to come together already but launch time is still some time ahead, or at least not before autumn 2021.

If you are a researcher at the department and would like to showcase your research project ahead of others, then you can contact the webmaster now.