Stress research award to young scientist

Töres Theorell Early Career Award has been active since 2015 acknowledging important publications written by PhD students within the stress research area. This year's award goes to Sandra Tamm.

Töres Theorell Early Career Award was inaugurated in 2015 by Stockholm Stress Center, a collaboration between Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet. Since 2020 the Department of Psychology is hosting this award.

Sandra Tamm
Sandra Tamm

This year's winner is Sandra Tamm for her publication ”Sleep restriction caused impaired emotional regulation without detectable brain activation changes – a functional magnetic resonance imaging study". Royal Society Open Science, 6(3), 181704.

Sandra presented her article on 16 April at an online conference - ”Eye on stress research: from research to practice” - arranged by the Stockholm Stress Collaborative.

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Stockholm Stress Collaborative is a network of stress researchers organized by three young researchers in the field; Julia Åhlin (Publich Health Authority and Department of Psychology, Stockholm University), Elin Lindsäter (Karolinska institutet) and Frank Svärdman (Karolinska institutet).