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Are you a curious person who is driven by learning and knowing more? Do you thrive in the academic environment? Postgraduate education is a unique opportunity to stop, ask questions, find answers and try to understand a topic in depth.

PhD Student in the olfactory lab. Photo: Roland Fredriksson/Stockholms universitet.

Meet our recent PhD Students

Alexander Miloff came all the way from Canada to study for a PhD in Psychology at Stockholm University and Alicia Ohlsson was a so called Employed PhD Student, working at the Swedish Defense University while getting academic supervision for her thesis at the Department of Psychology.

Meet Alexander Miloff, PhD

Meet Alicia Ohlsson, PhD


PhD Studies in psychology

The overall objective of the PhD programme is to develop the knowledge and proficiency that is required to be able to independently conduct psychological research that will contribute to the scientific advancement of psychology. This is demonstrated by completing an original scientific dissertation.

See our education pages for information about the PhD Program, when and how to apply, entry requirements and more.

PhD Studies in psychology



If you have questions about the PhD Programme you can turn to our Student Office or Head of PhD Studies. See below for contact details.

If you are looking for an interesting PhD Student position at our department, please refer to the Stockholm University page with PhD Student Positions.

PhD Student Positions at Stockholm University

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