Student Summit gave Felisa new perspectives on peace

Felisa, a student of Global Development, participated in the Global Peace Summit in Baku.

Foto: Global Peace Chain
Foto: Global Peace Chain

Felisa, a third year student of Global Development, applied to participate at the Global Peace Summit in Baku and attended all three days of the peace conference in the Azerbaijani capital. It was via FUF Stockholm Södra that she learned about the conference and that student representatives were sought after globally. Felisa was also one of the students that got a scholarship funding her travel and stay by Global Peace Chain, the organization hosting the summit. 

At the conference, students and young professionals, most of them in between 18 and 30 years of age, gathered to take part in workshops, panel discussions, dialogue- and diplomacy training as well as presentations. Apart from the student representatives, the founders of Global Peace Chain attended the conference, as well as diplomats and peace workers from a number of countries. Several of the evens at the conference dealt with the UN sustainable development goals that Felisa was well acquainted with due to her education. 

Broadened and more in-depth knowledge of the sustainable development goals and their relationship to peace as well as the UN and others’ perspectives on peace work were some of the key learning outcomes but Felisa suggests that it was the participants themselves that was the highlight of the conference.

First and foremost, I was inspired by the passion and commitment of others. What I bring back home is the value of getting involved in whatever way possible in organized work around key issues as a young person wanting change.

Felisa encourages other students to find similar evens to participate in in order to meet new people and letting oneself be challenged and inspired.