Stockholm University is a public agency which is governed by laws, rules, and decisions made by the government and representatives.

The Department of Social Work is headed by a board where the Head of Department is President. The Head of Department has the highest responsibility for all departmental operations.

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Head of Department
Professor Stefan Wiklund

Co-Head of Department
Professor Emelie Shanks


The Department Board settles major issues of policy nature, and has the ultimate financial responsibility of the department.

Full members

Stefan Wiklund, prefekt, ordf 
Emelie Shanks, stf prefekt, v. ordf.
Helene Brodin, lärar/forskarrepr.
Patrik Karlsson, lärar/forskarrepr.
Tine Rostgaard, lärar/forskarrepr.
Ninive von Greiff, lärar/forskarrepr.
Hans Dahlén, adm.repr.
Ylva Donning, adm. repr.
Evelina Fridell Lif, stud.repr. dokt.
Filippa Olli Johanson, stud. repr  

Alternate members

Katarina Thorén, lärar/forskarrepr.
Renate Minas, lärar/forskarrepr.
Hanna Linell, lärar/forskarrepr.
Ulla-Karin Schön, lärar/forskarrepr.
Anna Bäckman, adm. repr.
Eva Marklund, adm. repr.
Kristina Bromark stud. repr. dokt.

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