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Practical information about your studies

In this section, you will find information about how you can influence your education, get study counselling, acquaint yourself with examination regulations, and many more practical things you need to know during your stay with us. 



Note that the schedules are continuously changed, so remember to check your schedule on a regular basis

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Information about schedules at Stockholm University


Study and career counselling

Two persons in an office. Photo: Eva Dalin.
Photo: Eva Dalin.

The study and career counsellors can help you with a wide array of questions concerning your studies at the Department of Social Work.

They are also coordinating support for students with disabilites and can guide you on how to get extra support.

If you are going to discontinue your studies, it is important that you notify the study- and career counsellors at the department. If you only want to take a temporary study break and know when you will resume studies, you should apply for a study break.


IT for students

Student writing on laptop
Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein

Athena is the learning platform for courses at Stockholm university, where you will find all the relevant information for taking part in the education in a particular course. 

As a student, you have also access to wifi, computer rooms, software and other IT tools. 

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There are rules and guidelines regulating the course examinations and supervision of papers. Here, you can read about these rules and guidelines, in order to know how examination works in our department. 

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Plagiarism, cheating and disruption is not permitted at Stockholm University and may lead to expelling from the university. It is therefore especially important that you as a student keep informed of what is applicable.

Cheating, disruption and plagiarism


Student's union

Students' Union at the Department of Social Work, Stockholm University

The students' union ("Studentkåren") represents the students.

At the Department of Social Work there is a student council that represents the students in the departments boards. Contact: ssas.sopis@gmail.com



The Swedish State’s Insurance for Foreign Students in Sweden. Information can be found on the "Kammarkollegiets" webpage:


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