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Welcome to the Department of Social Work – one of the largest departments of Stockholm University.



The subject of social work deals with different ways of looking at social problems and social change processes. Through social work studies, you immerse yourself in social issues, both from a national and international perspective.

We have four different international courses that alternate and are given every fourth semester.

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Strong research connection

The Department of Social Work conduct extensive and outstanding research in the many branches of social work. The teachers are all active researchers, a guarantee that the teaching is always updated with the latest research findings. 

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"Exchange students find it interesting to learn more about how Sweden tackles social issues"

Eva Marklund is the international coordinator at the Department of Social Work. 

Eva MarklundFoto: Rickard Kilström

In what ways can international students study at the Department of Social work?

– Most of our exchange students come from European countries and universities linked to Stockholm University through Erasmus agreements. For example, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and others.

– International students at Master's level can also apply directly to our department. This can be made through our education catalogue for students. We have four courses that alternate and are given every forth semester.

What do exchange students appreciate the most about studying at the Department of Social Work?

– Students find it interesting to learn more about how Sweden tackles social issues, as our legislation differs from other countries in several aspects. Our exchange students usually mention the close and relaxed relationship between students and teachers as something very positive.

Stockholm and the surroundings around the university are very beautiful

And about the city itself?

– And of course – no one forgets to mention that Stockholm and the surroundings around the university are very beautiful.


How to apply

Here, you find information about how to apply. You can also read more about costs, fees and scholarships. 

How to apply

Costs, fees and scholarships

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Albano - our new, modern home

In the summer 2021, the department of social work moved to brand new facilities at Campus Albano. Modern teaching rooms and more space for the students are just a few of the benefits. Albano is a modern campus, a place for research and higher education with opportunities for meetings and collaborations across disciplinary and departmental borders. You will find us on the third floor of​​ building number two.

Miljöbild från nya Campus Albano
Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein

Study in Stockholm

To follow your passion and to be close to international career opportunities as well as to explore city and countryside. In Stockholm you can really get the best of both worlds.

Stockholm offers everything you expect to find in a cosmopolitan city: beautiful architecture, trendy shopping, museums, theatres, night clubs, international food and a music scene that attracts stars nationwide and globally.

On top of that you are met by stunning waterfront views almost wherever you go, as the city is built on fourteen islands.

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Facts and information about Sweden

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, the third largest country in Northern Europe. Sweden has about 9.5 million inhabitants.

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