PhD studies in Sociology and Demography

Doctoral studies leads to a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) which comprises 240 credit in all, estimated as four years of full-time studies.

This training is characterized as profound studies within specific fields and aims at bringing the doctoral student the academic traditions as well as making the doctoral student develop into an independent and scrutinizing researcher.

Application opportunities

If resources permit, application openings for PhD Studies can appear as a maximum twice a year - in February with March 1 as final date and/or in September with October 1 as final date to apply. When there are doctoral studentships available for application they are advertised here.


Entry requirements

Since 1 July 2007 the general entry requirements for education at doctoral student level are defined as:

  • a degree at the second level (Master) or
  • at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits at the second level (Master´s level).

For admission to doctoral studies in Sociological Demography the entry requirements also specify:

  • In addition to the basic eligibility requirements, the applicant must have complete at least one independent research work in demography or a related subject documented in an essay or other written work.

Entry requirements and financing

Selection procedure

The selection among the applicants is carried out by an admissions panel appointed by the department. The panel surveys the qualifications of the applicants and selects among them possible candidates for further discussion. The purpose of this discussion is to explore how well competence and interests match between the department and the applicant.


Financial support shall be organized and settled for the entire study period upon admission. The main source of financial support is by doctoral studentships.


The syllabi contain detailed information on the entry requirements, the objectives and structure of the programmes, supervision resources and course requirements.

Syllabus for Doctoral Studies in Sociological Demography (175 Kb)

Syllabus for Doctoral Studies in Sociology (176 Kb)


Courses for doctoral students


Spring 2024

Period A, 15 January- 14 February:

Modern Sociological Theory (153 Kb)  – half time period A-B
Systematic Reviews 7.5 credits - half time period A-B
Family Dynamics in a Changing Europe 7.5 credits – half-time in period A-B

Period B, 15 February – 20 March:

No courses start this period.

Period C, 21 March – 1 May:

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences II (151 Kb)  – half time period C-D
Event-History Analysis Regression for Longitudinal Event Data (175 Kb) – half-time in period C-D

Political Sociology, 7.5 credits - half time period C-D
Social stratification, 7.5 credits- half time period C-D

Period D, 2 May -2 June:

Models of Social Change and Social Stability, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2024

Period A, 2 September - 2 October

Population Development and Social Change (149 Kb)
Classical Sociological Theory (150 Kb) – half time period A and B
Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences (152 Kb)  – half time period A and B

Period B, 3 October - 3 November

Basic Demographic Methods (170 Kb)
Family Sociology, 7.5 credits

Period C, 4 November - 4 December

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences I (172 Kb) – half time period C and D

Population Processes (149 Kb) - half time period C and D
Social Network Analysis 7.5 credits - half time period C and D

Period D, 5 December - 19 Januari 2025

No courses start this period.

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