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We are located in Building D, Södra huset (the blue high-rise buildings A–F) in Frescati, on Floor 3–6 and above the University Library on Floor 6 (most of our doctoral students).

Google Map Campus Frescati
Google Maps Campus Frescati

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Opening hours

  Monday–Friday Saturday–Sunday, holidays
Floor 5–6 8–17 Closed
Floor 3–4 8–19 Closed

Access card with a code is required from both the stairwells and the elevators to enter the department when it is not open.

The opening hours apply when you come from the Northern stairwell. From the Southern stairwell (the one towards the parking lot) the doors are always locked, and you must use a pass with a code. We do not open "when you knock".

Opening hours Study counsellors and Course administrators

Our Study counsellors and Course administrators have special telephone and visiting hours, please see Education > Contact.

Contact Education

Opening hours Stockholm University

Opening hours Stockholm University


Parking: cars, motorcycles, bikes

  • There is a parking lot close to Building D and Södra huset.
  • There is a parking fee.
  • There is a charging station.
  • There are bike racks and and motorcycle parking right by Building D.

Public transports and travel information

To Stockholm University and our department, you can take the metro or train Roslagsbanan or bus, with a 5–10 minutes walk on Campus.

You can easily plan your journey on SL’s website as well as with the SL mobile app (Android or iPhone) or with Google Maps.

Fares & tickets (SL)

Map metro and commuter train (SL)

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)


  • The Red line (n. 14), Northbound, destination "Mörby Centrum".
  • Station "Universitetet".

Commuter train

Take a commuter train to station "Stockholm City" and take a few minutes walk (indoors) to the metro / tunnelbanan at station "T-Centralen".

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)

Map metro and commuter train (SL)

Bus: n. 50, destination "Stora Lappkärrsberget":

  • From Odenplan (commuter train n. 40, 41, 42, 43, 44; metro the Green line n. 17, 18, 19). Approx. 15 min.
  • Bus stop "Universitetsvägen" by Studenthuset (the Student House) and Södra huset (the six blue high-rise buildings A–F) if your destination is our department in Building D.
  • Or the next bus stop “Universitetet” by the metro.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)

Here you will find information about how to get to Stockholm from various airports.

Travel information



There are accessibility entrances to Building D and lifts and several stairs and stairwells in the building  leading to the department.

Transport services, taxis and vans can drive up to the entrance on the 2nd floor, Södra huset, via a road from the parking lot, close to Building F.

The department is located in building D on Floors 3–6.


There are lifts that run between Floors 2 and 9 in each Building A–F. In our Building D:

  • Floors 5–6: When the department is locked, you need a key card with a code to get access to the floors from the elevators.
  • Floors 3-4 (and 2): You can always get out from the elevators without a key card and code. The department's entrances on Floors 3–4 are located next to the lifts, and a key card and code are required when the department is locked.

Indoor stairs

There are two stairwells in Building D, which are fairly anonymous behind white doors or glass doors:

  • The Northern stairwell (close to Södra huset and the University Library) goes from Floor 3 (ground floor) and upwards. The doors to the department are locked in the evenings and on weekends, and a key card with a code is then required to enter the floor. On the Floor 2 there are stairs (with orange stair railing) which are not located in a stairwell but at the end of the corridor, which leads up to FLoor 5.
  • The Southern stairwell (near the car park "Södra parkeringen") runs from Floor 2 (ground floor) and upwards. We always keep these doors locked and a key card with a code is required to enter (we do not open "when you knock").

Outdoor stairs from the parking lot "Södra parkeringen"

There are stairs between the parking lot "Södra parkeringen" and the entrances on Floor 2 in Building A–F:

  • Stairs with a pram ramp (which is quite steep) are located by Building B. There is a lift (indoors) from Floor 2 in the building.
  • With a walker, wheelchair, permobil, pram, etc. you can take the indoor lift one floor up in the Student House ("Studenthuset" to the left of the parking lot, below Building A) to take you from the parking lot to Building A–F. From there you can go outdoors straight to Building D, or to Building A and go indoors from Floor 2 via a corridor to Building D. It is possible to take a road up from the parking lot close to Building F, but it is a fairly long hill.
  • If you go by car, it is possible to drive up to the entrances on Floor 2 via the road at Building F, but it is not possible to park at Building A–F.
  • Between Building A–F, outdoors, there are stairs leading up to glass entrance doors at Floor 3.

Accessibility entrances to Building D are available at:

  • Floor 2, South of Södra husets at the parking lot "Södra parkeringen", Universitetsvägen 10 D.
  • Floor 4, North of Södra huset by the revolving doors at the entrance to Building DEF, Universitetsvägen 14 D.

Floor 2

There are accessibility entrances on Floor 2 in every Building A–F in Södra huset, on the parking lot side. It is possible to drive all the way to the entrances via the road close to Building F. Door buttons for automatic opening are available. Follow the corridor to the lifts (see heading Elevators and stairs, above).

Floor 4

On the North side of Södra huset, i.e. not on the parking lot side, there is an accessibility entrance on Floor 4 (ground floor) by the revolving doors leading to Building DEF. To get to the lifts:

  • Inside the entrance hall, pass by the long staircase on the right (which leads to above the entrance hall to the University Library).
  • To the right after the stairs there are glass doors. Pass through them (door buttons for automatic opening are available) and past the stairs with orange stair railing. The elevators are in the corridor straight ahead.
  • If you are going to visit a doctoral student located above the Universe Library, take either the long stairs in the entrance hall, or the elevator inside the Library entrance. The Library is to the left of the café.

Also read about stairs leading up to the buildings from the parking lot, above under the heading Elevators and stairs.



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