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Small rabbitfish

Mosquito nets: Are they catching more fishes than insects?

Mosquito nets designed to prevent malaria transmission are used for fishing which may devastate tropical coastal ecosystems, according to a new scientific study.

Photo: Jens Lasthein

More stringent regulations on chemical mixtures

Throughout life, humans are exposed to complex mixtures of chemicals of varying degrees of harmfulness. How does that affect us? Whose responsibility is this? Christina Rudén, professor of toxicology, was appointed by the government to investigate this matter.


2020 winners of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology

The 2020 Stockholm Prize in Criminology lauds Philip J. Cook, Duke University and Franklin E. Zimring, University of California at Berkeley for their evidence-based explanations of gun policy effects.

Stockholm University in autumn colours

International doctoral students on the rise in Sweden

A new report from the Stockholm Academic Forum shows that the proportion of international doctoral students in the Swedish capital has increased by 14 percentage points over the ten-year period 2008–2018

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