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Visit to Tokyo university 2018

Teachers and students from Stockholm University visit University of Tokyo

A group teachers, PhD candidates and master students from the Department of Education, visited the University of Tokyo to participate in joint activities such as study visits, workshops and seminars.

Structure of the respiratory chain supercomplex, a key enzyme for cellular energy conversion.

New findings on respiratory supercomplexes

A team from Stockholm University has determined the architecture of an assembly of respiratory chain complexes, revealing in near-atomic detail how energy conversion occurs and is organized.

Daniela Guasconi och David Åhlén, forskningsassistenter för Insect Biome Atlas på Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, visar volontären Amanda Bråkenheim Brising (mitten) var fällorna är placerade. Foto: Niklas Björling

Insects of Sweden and Madagascar to be surveyed

A research project was launched this autumn that will survey the insects of Sweden and Madagascar. The project is made possible thanks to a large number of volunteers who are helping to empty the insect traps.