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Vargvalpen Flea. Foto: Christina Hansen Wheat

Scientists unexpectedly witness wolf puppies play fetch

Researchers report that the remarkable ability to interpret human the social communicative cues that enables a dog to go for a ball and then bring it back also exists in wolves.

Students downtown city. Photo:

All-time high number of applications for international master’s programmes

Students from many countries have applied to study at Stockholm University in this year’s round. The following list shows which countries saw more than 200 applicants for 2020.

Karta puff

How polarized is Sweden?

Are we living close to people who not only think like us but also have the same life history? A new research project is now examining how segregation, neighbourhoods and our life courses affect each other.

Johanna Rickne Tumme

Women in leadership positions face more sexual harassment

Power in the workplace does not stop women’s exposure to sexual harassment. On the contrary, women with supervisory positions are harassed more than women employees.

What can I study?

Know what you want to study?

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