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Frescati. Photo: Eva Dalin

General campus opening hours

The University is closed on all national public holidays, so-called "red days" or röda dagar. Variations may occur at individual buildings and departments.

Photo: Riko Noormets

Expedition explores climate history of remote Arctic islands

On the 19th of August, an eight-days expedition on M/V Stålbas will depart from Longyearbyen, Svalbard for Seven Islands (Sjuøjane) and Storøya, small islands north of Nordaustlandet, Svalbard.

Every perch is measured during the sampling. Photo: Annika Hallman

What causes the poor health of perch in the Baltic Sea?

Why does the amount of perch decrease in the Baltic Sea? Could it be because of compounds naturally produced by algae and cyanobacteria? Could it also explain the poor health of several other species in the Baltic Sea?

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