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The new course

New solution-oriented course for counteracting climate change

With the new, interdisciplinary course “Climate Change Solutions” that starts this autumn, Stockholm University wants to contribute to solutions to the climate crisis.

Photo: Mostphotos

Health risks associated with mixtures of man-made chemicals are underestimated

The cocktail of man-made chemicals that we are exposed to daily is a health risk which current regulations and risk assessment overlook. This is the conclusion of the EU Horizon 2020 EDC-MixRisk project.

President Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Roadmap for Internationalisation

The Inquiry on increased internationalisation of higher educational institutions, the second report of which is now on consultancy period, has presented a number of proposals – both general and more detailed ones – on how Swedish research and higher education can be promoted and developed nationally.

King Carl XVI Gustaf, Photo: Niklas Björling/SU

Royal visit at Arctic lecture

Derek Muir, holder of the King Carl XVI Gustaf Visiting Professorship in Environmental Science at Stockholm University, gave his introductory lecture on March 13th.