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Marianne Dehasque, PhD student, Centre for Palaeogenetics. Photo: Jens Lasthein

Old genes in new centre

Mammoth, man or microbe. Severely degraded DNA is being investigated by researchers brought together by the new Centre for Palaeogenetics.

Adult man buried in Sigtuna in the 11th century. Photo: Sigtuna museum

DNA studies give a new view of Sweden’s history

The Atlas of 1,000 Ancient Genomes Project (ATLAS) has changed the picture of Scandinavia’s settlement and how agriculture spread across Europe.

Foto: Per Larsson

Career seminar at Stockholm University

Stockholm University and the Young Academy of Sweden arranged the seminar “How to succeed as a researcher at SU” on 3 February.

The foredeck of the icebreaker Oden with the atmospheric measurement tower, moving through sea ice w

Critical advances in quantifying methane released from the Arctic Ocean

A new study now demonstrate that the amount of methane presently leaking to the atmosphere from the Arctic Ocean is much lower than previously claimed in recent studies.

What can I study?

Know what you want to study?

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