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Vårärt/Gullviva är en av de arter som undersökts i studien. Foto: Katarina Fast Ehrlén

Climate change is not the only threat for our plants

To maintain plant and animal species on Earth, we need not only to consider the direct effects of climate change, but we must also take other equally important environmental issues into consideration.

Adult man buried in Sigtuna in the 11th century. Photo: Sigtuna museum

DNA studies give a new view of Sweden’s history

The Atlas of 1,000 Ancient Genomes Project (ATLAS) has changed the picture of Scandinavia’s settlement and how agriculture spread across Europe.

Participants had to smell chlorine, gunpowder or a flower. Photo: Aleksandrs Tihonovs Mostphotos

Blind and sighted individuals remember in the same way

Can odors and sounds evoke memories in the same way for the blind as for the sighted? Yes, according to a new study by researchers at the Department of Psychology.

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