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Stockholm University's premises will open step by step

From the beginning of the autumn semester, Stockholm University will return to campus-based teaching as far as possible, on condition that recommendations do not change. Each department is responsible for the planning and opening of its own premises.

Christian Broberger. Photo: Mika Neitz Pettersson

Unexpected differences between rats and mice gives new insight into the male parental brain

By making use of an unexpected species difference between rats and mice, scientists have identified a system in the brain that controls how males behave when they become fathers.

The cave lion Spartak was found in Siberia a few years ago. Photo: Love Dalén

The cave lion was divided into two subspecies

New research at the Centre for Palaeogenetics shows that the extinct cave lion was a separate species, and that it was subdivided into a western and eastern subspecies.


Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities, questions and answers, and news related to the coronavirus. 

What can I study?

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