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Global Swede 2019 Kanwal Tariq. Foto Sofia Nahringbauer Regeringskansliet

Global Swede Award to biology student

Kanwal Tariq, master’s student at the Department of Biology Education at Stockholm University, is one of the students to receive this year’s Global Swede Award, an award honouring international students who excel in areas closely related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Nicholas Adjei.

"The master's programme advanced me as a population and public health scientist"

Nicholas Adjei is a young researcher with a research focus on population ageing and health inequalities. His educational background in Demography at SUDA paved the way for him and helped him form his research interest.

Xiaodong Zou tumnagelbild.

New microscope finally in place

After almost five years and major renovations in the Arrhenius Laboratory, the University’s new electron microscope is finally in place.

One of the analyzed chewing gums, photo: Natalija Kashuba

Chewing gums reveal the oldest Scandinavian human DNA

The first humans who settled in Scandinavia more than 10,000 years ago left their DNA behind in ancient chewing gums, which are masticated lumps made from birch bark pitch.