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At Stockholm University you will find the ideas, insights and knowledge which are necessary to understand and solve the most challenging problems.

We have world-class researchers and teachers, talented and versatile students, and new research efforts required in both contemporary and future society. You can become part of all this!

Collage of images from Askö, Bergius Botanic garden and Accelerator
Photo: Robert Kautsky/Azote, Jens Lasthein, Eva Dalin

A donation from you would help us in our research efforts to achieve a change. It would contribute to new research projects which will give us invaluable knowledge. This knowledge will not simply remain within the academy – it will lead to important cooperation to build a sustainable society with a positive influence on our earth.

No donation is too small

You can make a donation to a project which is particularly important to you or to a specific research area or an education project. A donation to acquire necessary equipment or to support junior researchers would also be appreciated. Every donation is important and will help students and researchers to find answers to mankind’s questions, be they small or big. 


We live in times characterized by great challenges. Education and research have an important role in the development of society. Stockholm University aims to contribute to finding solutions to society’s problems and to push development forward.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President of Stockholm University
Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President of Stockholm University

Research in Sweden is funded by public and private actors. Donations from individuals and organizations are often significant to the realization of society-oriented projects and specific research efforts. One particularly important aspect of these donations lies in the fact that they enable the University to carry out projects of importance to society which would not otherwise have been funded.

Stockholm University is a big university with thousands of courses and programmes, both broad and advanced. Our research contributes to heightened quality of our courses and programmes and to increased involvement among our students.

Free minds and new findings

Stockholm University was founded in 1878 as Stockholm University College – a bold project. A modern university in the capital in the spirit of enlightenment, with the aim of serving society.
Then, as now, the University’s watchword has been ‘Free minds and new findings’. We represent social progress and cross-boundary education and research. Over the years, five of our researchers have been awarded Nobel Prizes and many more have achieved international fame. 

The history of Stockholm University

No donation is too small

In a world of changes and globalization, the role of the university is to contribute to a sustainable, democratic society through solid science based on constant development in the search for new knowledge. Your donation can contribute to Stockholm University’s involvement in the society. It can also promote independent science and contribute to finding solutions for the biggest challenges facing our society both now and in the future.

There are various ways in which you can support Stockholm University. You can make a donation to a society-oriented project which is close to your heart or to a specific research area or an education project. You can contribute to the funding of necessary equipment, support junior researchers or an international research collaboration. Regardless of your choice, your donation is important – no donation is too small!

Astrid Söderbergh Widding




A donation can be made to a specific project, to a part of a specific project or to the University (in which case the President decides where the money can be best spent).

Viktoria växthuset i Bergianska trädgården
Bergius Botanic Garden, Photo: Eva Dalin 

Examples of projects you may want to support at Stockholm University


You can give support to Stockholm University in different ways. You can make a donation to a society-oriented project which is close to your heart or to a specific research area or education project. Regardless of your choice, your donation is important – no donation is too small!
The most common ways of making a donation are listed below. 

Donation via bank giro in Sweden

Bank giro account (BG) 5050-0206
Message: 662 Gift

Please specify the purpose of the donation, including the following reference “662 Gift”. If all the information does not fit on the bank giro slip or in the textbox assigned for messages in your internet bank, you are welcome to contact us.

Donation from abroad (bank giro/wire transfer) 

Bank: Danske Bank, Norrmalmstorg 1, 111 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Account: 12810117756
IBAN: SE1612000000012810117756

If all the information does not fit on the bank giro slip or in the text box assigned for messages in your internet bank, you are welcome to contact us.

Donation via Swish (only available for payments within Sweden)

Scan the QR code with the Swish app.
Swish number: 123 1948 389 (Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services) State the purpose of the donation in the text box.

If all the information does not fit, you are welcome to contact us.

Establish a foundation

If you plan long-term support of a specific purpose, a suitable way to donate money is in the form of a foundation. You will find basic information on how to establish a foundation on the website of the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen). 

Establishing and registering a foundation in Sweden

For additional information on how to link the foundation to Stockholm University, please contact Bertil George, at the Finance Office.

Commemorative or celebratory donation 

You can choose to make a commemorative donation or make a gift to celebrate somebody on a special festive day. Stockholm University will acknowledge the gift in a letter including the person’s name, and, should you wish, a personal greeting from you. The amount of the donation will not be included in the letter. 

Please state the amount of the donation, the name of the person you wish to celebrate, your own name, the address of the recipient of the letter, and a greeting (should you wish this to be included). Please also indicate if you wish to make the donation for a specific purpose. If all the information does not fit on the bank giro slip or in the text box assigned for messages in your internet bank, you are welcome to contact us.

Donation by inclusion in a will 

By including Stockholm University in your will, you can also give future support to research which you find important. If you wish to discuss what you want to support, you are welcome to contact us. We suggest you seek the assistance of a lawyer to make sure your will is legally valid. 

Donation through dividends on shares (non-taxable) 

If you own shares as a private individual, you can make a non-taxable donation of the dividends to Stockholm University. This applies to dividends of both listed and non-listed companies, such as close companies. Please note that legal persons cannot transfer dividend rights exempt from taxes. 

The value of the money you donate to support Stockholm University will be higher than the amount which would have been at your disposal. The dividend tax is normally 30 per cent for listed shares. However, if you donate the dividends to Stockholm University, the full sum will be paid to the University.

Practical information

Decide which dividend/s you will donate and how much of the dividend you wish to donate. You do this by asking your bank to open a securities account (“värdepapperskonto”) with Stockholm University as the recipient of the returns. NB, Stockholm University must have been made the recipient (rights holder) of your dividend no later than one week before the record date of the dividend company. 

If you already have a securities account

In order to donate the dividend, you must change the information about the recipient of the dividend (“rights holder”) to Stockholm University. Fill in the form " Anmälan om rättighetshavare/gåvomottagare för vp-konto (36 Kb) " (the form is only available i Swedish) (Notification of rights holder/recipient of donation for securities account) and submit it to your bank.

If you are a client with Aktieinvest (Aktiespararna), Avanza or Nordnet, you can make the notification directly on their websites. 

If your deposits are already managed by a bank or a stockbroker 

Get in touch with your bank or stockbroker for information about points of relevance in your particular case.

If you want to donate dividends of shares in an unlisted company 

The company making the distribution can issue dividend coupons. The coupon confers the right to the dividend for the current financial period. For further information, contact your bank or stockbroker.

Your income tax return

The Swedish Tax Agency will receive information about the donation from your bank. You can provide information about the donation under additional information in your income tax return. We suggest you keep copies of the records concerning the donation of dividend rights, if questions should arise at a later stage. 
If you are a shareholder in a close company recognizing dividend on form K10, the following applies: Dividends which have been gifted may be included in the scope for dividends (“sparat utdelningsutrymme”) of the following year. Consequently, a corresponding dividend a later year will be liable to low taxation.

Frequently asked questions

Will Stockholm University receive notification of the donation? 

If your shares are held in a securities account, Stockholm University will automatically be notified about your donation. If your shares are managed by your bank or stockbroker, your donation may remain anonymous. Please let us know if you have made a donation! This enables Stockholm University to show its appreciation. See below for contact information.
If you make a donation of dividend rights in unlisted companies, the deed of gift (see the form “ Deed of gift (40 Kb) ”) will contain information about the donor.

How will my rights as a shareholder be affected?

You will still retain control of your shares since you did not donate any shares.

Will the donation be a one-off? 

Since your donation is ongoing, it will cease only if you sell the shares whose dividend you have donated, or when you notify your bank that you wish to terminate your donation. If you have a securities account, you can use the form “ Anmälan om rättighetshavare/gåvomottagare för vp-konto (36 Kb) ” (the form is only available i Swedish) and tick the box “Avregistrering”, i.e. cancel donation. Get in touch with your bank if they manage your shares. 

Google anställda bidrar till Tarfallas klimatforskning
Tarfala Research Station

In order to support the activities at Tarfala Research Station, a collection was made by employees at Google Sweden and Google USA. The outcome was 101 000 SEK for climate research.

Donation made by Google employees to Tarfala Research Station


More projects funded by donations

A donation made a grass snake study possible

A new bench in the Bergius Botanic Garden 


Bonjung Goo on Gotland
Bonjung Goo in Gotland, Sweden

Sometimes the job chooses you and leads the way

With a gainful and satisfying work life, the Stockholm University alumn Bonjung Goo wants to show her appreciation for the education she received at SU and for the Swedish system that supported her studies. Her master's degree in political science, as well as her internship in Stockholm, became a springboard for her career. Bonjung Goo moved to Sweden in 2010 to study a master’s in political science at Stockholm University. Today Bonjung works as a Portfolio Associate Professional at Green Climate Fund in Seoul in South Korea.

Giving back

Another reason Bonjung chose to come to Sweden for her master’s was that international students at the time could study for free with high education quality. Despite acceptance letters from several universities in the UK, Bonjung decided on Sweden.

–I am not from Sweden or the EU and I was one of the last students who could get a free education in Sweden.

Unlike South Korea, Sweden had a long tradition of free education, something Bonjung expresses deep appreciation for.

Sometimes the job chooses you and leads the way - Stockholm University


Support research and collaboration

Stina Branting, Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services

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