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In an emergency

Have you ended up in an acute crisis or become ill? The university can help you in many different situations, but sometimes you need to turn to another actor. Here you will find contact details and information that is good to know in the event of an incident or emergency at Stockholm University.


Call 112 – SOS alarm – in emergency situations that involve danger to life, health or property to call / report emergency services, ambulance, police or poison information.


As an employee or student at the university, you can report incidents (near miss), accidents, commuting accidents, work-related illness, environment incident, property/security as well as safety observation to the IA system. If you need to file a police report, you also use the IA system.

Report an incident via the IA system


Call the sequrity guard: 08-16 42 00

In the event of a serious situation/crisis on the university's premises and/or in the event of need for emergency security assistance, for example at a too difficult situation to handle. Example of a serious event/situation/crisis:

  • Deceased person
  • Burglary
  • Damage
  • Threats/violence
  • Accident
  • Fire

Student Health offers counseling/support in crises that are related to your studies or events at the university. SUS representatives offer support and advice on study-related problems.


If you need healthcare advice and do not know where to turn, you can call "Vårdguiden" (the care guide) around the clock and get advice. You can get counseling by dial/phone: 1177


Stockholm University has approximately 50 defibrillators deployed on the university campuses. All defibrillators are placed in an alarmed cabinet. When opening the door to the cabinet, an alert is sent to the staff of the section for safety and the security guard who is trained in CPR/AED. Note! Before you start CPR call 112 and send out a person to meet the ambulance.

Defibrillators at Stockholm University


In light of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Stockholm University wants to show its support for students and employees who may be affected, and the University is following developments closely. Click on the following link to read more.

Regarding the invasion of Ukraine



In case of emergency

  • SOS Alarm: 112
  • Security guards: 08-16 42 00 (08-15 42 00)
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