Postgraduate education and distance learning

Doctoral students are equal to employees when they conduct their research projects, and students when they participate in courses. This means that they can continue to run their projects under the same conditions as other researchers (including having the same access to the premises), and need to consult with their supervisor about any adjustments that may be necessary regarding for example travel, participation in conferences, etc. The general recommendation to work from home to the greatest extent possible apply.

The same guidelines apply for postgraduate courses as for other courses at the university, ie each department assesses to what extent activities are conducted on site. If diversions from the syllabus need to be made, for example when it comes to examinations, decisions must be made by the head of department or by the delegated decision-maker and documented. If postgraduate courses are postponed, this may mean that you cannot obtain the credits required for a dissertation, in that case a discussion can be conducted with the main supervisor that individual courses can be completed after the dissertation. Please note that this means that the doctoral degree cannot then be issued immediately after a doctoral thesis defense, but only when the course requirement is met.


Stockholm University's goal is for dissertations to be carried out according to plan. Several, or even all, participants can participate remotely via digital platforms, preferably Zoom. The requirement that public defence of doctoral thesis are to be posted publicly, and be open to external participants, applies, but this can also be solved remotely via publication and links on the department’s website.

It is the chair of the defense that is responsible for ensuring that everyone hears and is heard during the ongoing defense.

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