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Information for students and staff about Covid-19

Based on current conditions and responsible authorities’ recommendations, Stockholm University has adopted the following guidelines.

Last updated on 16 September 2021.

Information till studenter och medarbetare om coronaviruset på svenska

Stockholm University encourages all students and employees who can to get vaccinated.

Drop-in vaccination against Covid-19 at Frescati campus: Region Stockholm offers drop-in vaccination against Covid-19 in the Student House, Frescati campus. All students are welcome to get vaccinated without booking an appointment in advance.

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About the university's activities

The Government has announced that several restrictions and regulations regarding the pandemic will lift on September 29. According to the Public Health Agency, a high level of vaccine coverage is the most important condition for removing more restrictions.

Earlier this year, Stockholm University made the decision to open gradually for teaching and examination on campus during the autumn. Each department assesses to what extent activities are conducted on site. For more information, see each department’s website.

Since the situation can change it is important that everyone acts responsibly and minimize the spread of Covid-19, and those that are able to should follow the Public Health Agency recommendation to get vaccinated. The recommendations to stay at home when having symptoms, even mild ones, are still in effect – even after September 29.

For more information see each department’s website.

Departments and centres

National regulations and general advice: Everyone in society, both individuals and business operators, has an obligation to take measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Read more about the national regulations and general advice on 

Official information on the Covid-19 pandemic (


Work from home

The general advice to employers from the Public Health Agency of Sweden is that they should ensure that personnel and visitors maintain physical distance and that employees avoid unnecessary travel. The University follows the Agency’s recommendations, which means that any employees who can work from home should do so, after consulting with their supervisor. The recommendation to work from home to the extent possible remains as long as recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency, currently until the end of September. Contact your manager if you have questions.



University opening hours

University Library opening hours

Each University department is responsible for the opening of its premises, see respective department's website.
Departments and centres


Minimize the spread of infection

Everyone must take responsibility and help to minimize the spread of infection, and those that are able to should follow the Public Health Agency recommendation to get vaccinated. 

The Public Health Authority urges anyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection, even mild ones, to avoid social contact, as they pose a risk of spreading infection. Anyone with symptoms of illness should stay at home. Stay at home if you live in a household with someone with confirmed Covid-19. Follow the instructions from your physician.
 Recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden on how to slow down the spread of Covid-19

Staff should report sick using normal routines. The so-called qualifying period has now been removed to make it easier to stay at home during illness. 



  • Business travel: Business travels within Sweden can be granted when done in accordance with official advice and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency. Staff who are planning international business trips are advised to follow the guidelines of the Swedish Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the universities concerned, and the relevant airline information. Non-necessary trips to countries which the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to should be avoided.
    See for updated information in English regarding travels
  • Bookings: All business trips must be booked with rebookable or refundable tickets. Trips should be booked through the University's procured travel agency Egencia
  • Regarding visits: Staff who are expecting visits from partners or guests from abroad are advised to follow the guidelines of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Public Health Agency, the universities concerned, and the relevant airline information.


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